Should I Turn My AC Off When It’s Nicer Outside?

While your first instinct might be to shut-off the AC at the first sign of nice weather here in Tampa Bay, Florida, but that might be a big mistake! Did you know that while you might think you are saving money on your energy bill by shutting off the AC, you could actually be driving costs up!? So when you should turn off your AC and when to leave it alone? Let’s take a look:
Turning off the AC: What Happens?
Your air conditioner takes a massive amount of electricity to get going and keep the air cool in your home. If you are turning it off and on impulse, it won’t be able to run at peak efficiency, and you could even wear out its parts prematurely! Turning your AC on and off can cause both a warm house and a higher energy bill! It’s better to set the temperature higher on your thermostat than turning off the unit completely. (Also your AC can regulate the humidity levels in your home better when running at top speed.)
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When Is It Ok To Turn Off My AC?
There are a few times that it’s fine to turn off the AC when it’s nice outside:

If you open the windows. Invite fresh air into your home and recirculate some of that stale air! Make sure to turn off the AC or else you’ll be hit with a higher energy bill!
If you’re leaving home for an extended period of time. It’s ok to turn off the AC when you’re at work ( if the weather allows!) or when it’s nice enough to turn it off for the season.

When You Shouldn’t Turn Off Your AC
Avoid an AC replacement and avoid turning off your AC when:

When it’s too cold inside. Don’t turn it off, just adjust the temperature.
If you’ll only be gone for a few hours, adjust the temperature, don’t turn it off completely. It will have a harder time cooling your house back down once turned back on later.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill
Try some of these tips to save some money:

Close your blinds or drapes during the hot part of the day.
Install ceiling fans if you don’t have them already.
Change your AC filter regularly.
Get seasonal maintenance done on your unit.
Install an energy-efficient AC unit.
Buy a programmable thermostat.

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