Membership Details

Membership Details

What is it?

The Super Heat & Air Club Membership is a yearly perk we offer our customers to save them some money and give them priority service. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our loyal customers by offering them an affordable yearly maintenance plan with priority service

What does it include?

The Super Heat & Air Club Membership includes:

2 Free Annual HVAC Maintenance Services
Up to 1lb of Refrigerant
Free Service Calls
20% Discount Off Parts, Labor, and Services!


Why sign-up?

For starters, regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner alive and healthy for a long time. And if you have an air conditioning or heating emergency and we fix it, you get 20% off your service! You also get priority service for less than $200 a year. That’s right, two (2) FREE maintenances, priority service and a 20% discount on everything!


What does it cost?

Our club membership only costs $29 a month! Call us at (813) 355-0288 to ask about our Membership.


Because Super Heroes Don’t Take Days Off!Image

Super Guarantee

We’re not happy until you’re happy! That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, free return visits, or full-refunds to make it right.

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