Working From Home? Your Checklist For A Healthy Home Office Environment

Things have definitely changed in the past few months, and now the majority of the workforce is working from home. This sounds nice, but if you don’t set yourself up for success and have a healthy functional space to work in, you’re bound to get frustrated and lose productivity. Super Heat & Air has come up with a checklist of some tips to create a functional, healthy home office space that you will enjoy working in!

Focus On The Light

Did you know that the average worker in America spends seven hours a day in front of a computer screen? Although we might think that more light is better in a workspace, the glare from our computer monitors can actually put strain on our eyes and cause us to squint. OSHA advises workers to direct the light away from their line of sight.

Here are some great lighting tips that allow for maximum comfort:

Use a supplemental desk lamp that shines down on paperwork rather than the computer screen.
Position your monitor so that windows run alongside the workstation rather than in front of or behind the screen.
Tilt your monitor so that you don’t have to bend your neck.
Natural light is always best!
Choose the Right Desk

Selecting the right desk is crucial to your comfort when working from home. Any old desk simply won’t do, so don’t just use something that you have laying around for a makeshift desk.

Desk height is very important as a desk that is too short will force you to hunch over and cause back issues, and a desk that is too high can cause wrist and shoulder problems.

(The standard height suggested for an office desk is around 34 inches, but you can alter this slightly for your own specific requirements.)​

Another consideration with desk selection is your workspace – how much workspace do you need vs. how much will simply get covered with office clutter. For some people, a four-foot desktop is perfect, for others, eight feet may be necessary.

Tip: Choose a sit-stand desk that will allow you more movement. These kinds of desks will allow you to stretch your legs instead of sitting all day!

Chairs Matter

First thing to remember: don’t just buy something off the shelf without sitting in it first. If you’re getting something online, make sure that it has a long enough return window just in case you need to take it back! Choose a chair that is ergonomic and has components that are adjustable. Make sure that the lumbar support, armrests, and seat height adjust to you and your body.

Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe is of utmost importance when you work from home. A thorough duct cleaning and sanitizing from the Tampa indoor air quality experts at Super Heat & Air will do the trick! Not only does this service improve the indoor air quality and remove allergens in your home, but it also boosts your air conditioner’s airflow. (Both important when you are working from your home!)

Create an Inspirational Office Space

The decor that you choose for your workspace plays into your health as well. Poor lighting, bad ventilation, and depressing interiors can drain your energy and dampen productivity. Your space should be not only functional but inspirational as well!

Tips for designing an inspirational office space:

Utilize both natural and artificial lighting
Break up screen time with glancing away at your favorite piece of art
Bring the outside in. Green plants can help boost productivity, improve air circulation, and alleviate stress.

Designing a healthy office space is often an after-thought, especially now that we are juggling working from home, child-care, and a whole number of other things due to COVID-19. These tips will help you create a functional office space that will help you feel more productive and less stressed as you work from home!

A functional and working AC is critical to your comfort while working from home, especially in the heat of a Florida summer! Make sure that you AC is working properly with AC Maintenance from Super Heat & Air. And don’t forget to get your ducts cleaned while you’re at it! Call us for a quote today (813) 279-8213 !

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