Why You Shouldn’t Cover Your Thermostat

If you’re one of those people who looks for perfection in your wall decor and feel your HVAC system’s thermostat is messing up its “Feng Shui,” you might be tempted to cover it up with something more appealing to your eye.
That’s (no pun intended) cool and all, but it could also be a big mistake. Even if it’s an eyesore to you, it’s really not wise to cover your thermostat.
What’s the Problem?
We’re glad you asked. Covering your thermostat with a painting or a frame might sound like a brilliant idea to improve your wall’s decor. Unfortunately covering your thermostat prevents it from accurately reading the temperature in your living space. That’s because it could cause the thermostat to “think” the area it’s in is warmer or cooler than it actually is.
We usually don’t recommend placing heat-generating objects and appliances such as lamps and television sets near thermostats for a reason. The heat emanating from these objects can cause the thermostat to misread the temperature in your home. And for the same reason, placing any object to cover your thermostat can cause it to do the same. So if your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, it won’t function the way it needs to provide the best comfortable settings for your home. Covering your thermostat could also ruin its efficiency, which could lead to higher electric bills. And anybody who says they prefer higher electric bills is a damn liar!
If You Really Must …
Ok, so let’s say you still want to cover up your thermostat because it’s too much of an eyesore for you and you won’t have it any other way. That’s fine. But be smart about it and don’t obstruct your thermostat. Instead of covering your thermostat completely, why not conceal or disguise it? Try finding a decorative frame to put around your thermostat that blends in well with the rest of your decor. That way the frame could make the thermostat look like part of the decor and it won’t be much of an eyesore. (Yes, that rhymes).
Buy a Different One
Don’t like your thermostat at all? Not even prettying it up with a frame? Here’s an idea: buy a new one! Thermostats have evolved and there are some very attractive high-tech smart options out there you can buy to replace your existing thermostat. So if you don’t like the look of the one you have, look into replacing it with something (again, no pun intended) cooler!

Are you interested in buying a new, more attractive high-tech smart thermostat? Call us at to learn about thermostat options for your air conditioning system.

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