When To Repair Your Heat Pump Reverse Valve

Though our winters are generally mild here in Tampa Bay, there are likely to be some days where you need to turn on the heater. Yet, if your heat pump is malfunctioning, you might not get the warm air that you need when it’s time to turn on the heat!

What could be happening? Don’t worry! Our team at Super Heat & Air discusses when it might be time to repair your heat pump reverse valve.

What is a Reversing Valve?

The reversing valve is a delicate component within your heat pump that has a pipe on the bottom and three on the top. Its job is to change the direction of the flow of refrigerant in your system to switch between heating and cooling. The valve has two settings: one that is excited, and one that is relaxed. One state stands for heating, and one stands for cooling and may vary between manufacturers.

The pump changes modes when you press a button on your thermostat. This cues the heat pump’s solenoid to slide the corresponding valve into the opposite direction. As the valve slides, refrigerant helps the valve change from relaxed to excited (heating or cooling) or vice versa. Once the valve slides into the correct position the mode has changed and you should feel warm or cool air coming from your air registers.

Troubleshooting a Reverse Valve

Heat pump reverse valves don’t fail often, but when they do, they can be confusing to troubleshoot. Three main things might cause your heat pump’s reverse valve to malfunction including:

The reverse valve is stuck in the cooling/heating position
The coil is defective
The valve is leaking internally

If you notice that your system is intermittently having an issue switching between temperatures or heating and cooling, there is a good chance that something is wrong with the reversing valve. In that case, call Super Heat & Air, and we will check it out!

When the Valve is Stuck

One of the most common reasons why you might need to repair a heat pump reverse valve is when it gets stuck. It could have gotten stuck in heating or cooling mode, or even in between modes.

If the valve is stuck due to a bad solenoid, the solenoid can be replaced, but if there is another reason for the issue, such as leaking refrigerant, the valve itself will need to be replaced.

Keep in mind, reversing valve repairs are not something you should tackle on your own. They should only be done by trained professionals. Heat pumps can be complex and since they operate with refrigerant, you must be certified to handle refrigerant to work on them.

Electrical Problems

For the reverse valve to do its job and switch modes, your heat pump needs to be working properly. This requires all the electrical components inside your heat pump to work in tandem without an issue. But if there is an electrical issue preventing your heat pump from working properly, then you’re going to need a professional from Super Heat & Air to get it running in the right mode again!

Don’t worry, electrical issues happen fairly frequently, though they can range in terms of how expensive they can be to repair.

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Stay Warm and Cozy with Super Heat & Air

If your heat pump reverse valve is stuck or you think there might be an electrical problem that is keeping your heat pump from working, call our team at Super Heat & Air. We can come to inspect your heat pump for issues and fix the problem FAST!

Stay warm and cozy this season with our Super Fast Guarantee! Call us to schedule a heat pump service visit today

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