UV Lights: “Biological Growth” Killers for Your HVAC System

Even Hospitals Rely on UV Lights for Air Sanitation


Florida is a place of high humidity. And with high humidity comes mold and other nasty things we like to call “biological growth”(also “bacterial growth”). So if you’ve ever had a conversation with an HVAC specialist about indoor air quality, you may have heard about Ultra Violet lights in HVAC systems.


UV lights are typically installed in the air handler to kill mold and other forms of bacterial growth. And they are particularly useful in killing mold spores and fungal particles in the evaporator coil. All mold near the lit UV bulb will be killed to keep the coil mold-free.



Hospitals use UV lights to help sterilize medical equipment and keep the air clean for patients. UV lights are also used to sterilize food-production environments. At home, Ultraviolet Lights are particularly helpful for people who are very sensitive to allergens. It should be noted that UV lights don’t combat allergens such as pet dander or dust. That’s what air filters are for! However, they’re meant to kill living biological growths that cause respiratory problems. Together with high quality air filters (which should be changed out regularly), you’ll enjoy very clean indoor air!



Benefits of UV Lights

  • Control mold and bacteria
  • Combat colds and flus
  • Reduce bad odors
  • Prevent clogging in condensation drain lines
  • Contribute to a cleaner coil, as well as better cooling efficiency


Are they Expensive?

Having Ultra Violet lights installed in your HVAC system is not super cheap. But it’s relatively inexpensive (if that makes any sense). They do require routine maintenance. But it’s worth the price if you want to breathe clean air. You can have just one UV light installed near the air handler for coil sterilization if you want a cheap option. However, this option is only effective at keeping the evaporator coil mold-free. It’s not effective at killing mold and bacteria throughout your whole HVAC system.


For full air sterilization, you should have UV lights installed throughout your entire AC system. It’s a more expensive alternative, but it sterilizes your entire home. A full system UV light setup will help kill biological growth that breeds anywhere throughout your whole HVAC system, including your ductwork. So if anybody in your home has respiratory issues, we recommend getting UV lights in your entire system for maximum air purification.


Indoor Air Quality Complements

Ultraviolet lights are great for killing mold and improving indoor air quality. However, you should also take other measures for best results. These include getting your ductwork cleaned; sealing your ducts so they are airtight; installing high MERV air filters; and regular air conditioner maintenance.


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More to Consider

There are several reasons why hospitals have UV lights in their AC systems. As previously mentioned, mold and bacteria are a huge concern in humid climates like Florida. Bacterial growth in HVAC systems shouldn’t be ignored. Mold contamination can lead to severe respiratory problems such as asthma and pneumonitis. That’s why hospitals use UV lights in their AC systems, to keep the air as sterile as possible for patients.

Another concern for those willing to invest in Ultraviolet light systems is whether it’s worth the money. It is, as long as the installation is done correctly. That means only a qualified HVAC technician should install UV lights. Some of the factors qualified technicians have to consider include intensity of the UV lamps; the proper amount of lamps; the placement and direction of the lamps; as well as surrounding temperatures and humidity levels of the building.


Now that you know a little more about UV lights, ask a professional at Super Heat & Air to install yours! Call us at 813-609-5015 to inquire about getting Ultra Violet lights for your HVAC system.


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