Tricks For Stopping Air Leaks in Your Home

It doesn’t matter how new or old your home is, you could be experiencing air leaks that are taking a toll on your energy bill. What can you do to save a few bucks on your next statement? Super Heat & Air Tampa has tips on how you can insulate the trouble spots in your home and stop air leaks for good!

Windows and Doors

Most drafts tend to come from windows and doors in your most lived-in rooms. For these major areas, weatherstripping helps a great deal. Stripping comes in many different materials, each with their own pros and cons:

Bronze Plastic EPDM (Synthetic)
– Lasts for a few decades
– Takes much longer to install – Has a shorter lifespan
– Way easier to install – A decent middle ground

For gaps underneath doors, door sweeps will do the job just fine!

Outlets and Switch Plates

Air can be sneaky enough to squeeze through even the smallest cracks like those found in outlets and switch plates. Thankfully, there’s an easy enough solution for this minor breach in airflow. All you need to do is install a foam gasket by removing the protective cover, laying out the foam piece, and re-installing the plate. It’s that simple!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures can leave rooms exposed to air from above such as the attic. Like with the plate cover gaps, this problem also has a very simple solution! Airtight baffles follow a similar method that requires you to unscrew the bulb, place the baffle, and re-screw the bulb. It only takes a matter of seconds, and the length of this task is only dependent on how many fixtures are in your home.

Flues and Chimneys

For safety reasons, most homes are designed with intentional gaps around the flues and chimneys as a preventative measure against accidental fires. However, there is a safe way around closing these gaps to reduce air leakage. Metal sheets like aluminum flashing can be used to fill in space since they’re not flammable and they can be secured into place with high-temperature silicone caulk. No longer will you be wondering where that breeze is coming from every time you try to cozy up to the fire!

Plumbing and Wiring

Because water pipes and wires need to travel from room-to-room, having holes in the wall to accommodate these necessities is unavoidable. For these rounded and irregular gaps, canned spray foam is more ideal for getting around these tight spaces more easily.

Attic Doors

Although these doors are up and out of the way, they can still cause a noticeable draft just like any other door or window. Since they’re relatively similar, weatherstripping and caulking are also effective in this situation. Alternatively, you can find pre-insulated hatch covers which also do the job nicely.

Do you suspect air leakage in your home? Our trained professionals know how to spot any breaches so you can patch things up accordingly and save money on your next electric bill (813) 279-8213 .

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