Tips For Controlling Indoor Humidity This Summer

Summer is here in Tampa Bay, and the heat and humidity are rising! Humidity is what causes the temperature to feel like 100 when it is in the 80s. And this doesn’t just affect the outdoor temperature, if the humidity is high in your home, you’re likely feeling uncomfortable!

Learn some tips from our humidity pros at Super Heat & Air to combat high humidity indoors so you can be cool and comfortable all summer long!

What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity Level?

Generally, your indoor humidity during the summer months should be around 40-50%. We recommend not letting humidity levels go beyond 45% as dust mites thrive in damp environments.

Keep in mind that when the outdoor temperature is above 50 degrees F, the indoor humidity should be at a maximum of 50%. For lower temperatures, 40% is the recommended indoor humidity level.

Control Indoor Humidity This Summer

Follow these tips to control indoor humidity this summer!

#1. Use Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the air inside your home. You can use portable dehumidifiers to bring down the humidity levels anywhere you want.

If you need a solution for your entire home, a whole-house dehumidifier can be quite beneficial.

While air conditioners dehumidify the air, if the humidity levels are too high in your home, your air conditioner won’t be able to keep up and could work less efficiently due to the humidity.

Modern dehumidifiers have smart capabilities so you can control them from anywhere using your phone. You can also set your home’s humidity levels using your phone and it can notify you when the water bucket needs to be changed.

#2. Use a Smart Thermostat

You can pair your central HVAC or mini-split units with a smart thermostat or smart AC controller. These devices often have built-in humidity sensors so you can set your desired humidity range that your AC will work to maintain.

The best part? You can simply sit back and relax while your smart devices take care of your home’s humidity and temperature. Nice!

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#3. Use Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans in your home work to maintain optimal humidity levels in your home during the summer. They are usually installed in the bathroom or kitchen, as moisture levels are generally higher there.

Moisture in the air due to cooking, boiling water, or taking a shower can be removed effectively by running an exhaust fan.

#4. Buy Houseplants

Plants like English Ivy, Peace Lilies, Boston Ferns, and Tillandsia can help with humidity levels in your home while purifying your air.

While they won’t eliminate humidity levels in your home, they will help reduce the overall humidity in your space.

#5. Have HVAC Maintenance Performed

Seasonal HVAC maintenance will ensure that your entire air conditioning system is running at peak efficiency year-round, plus, it prevents breakdowns!

When your air conditioner is running properly, it will be able to effectively manage your home’s humidity levels and keep your indoor air more comfortable.

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Combat Indoor Humidity

Reducing the humidity levels in our home can be especially hard during Florida summers, but May through August doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Conquer indoor humidity with help from our team at Super Heat & Air. From HVAC maintenance to whole-home dehumidifiers, we will make sure you are cool and comfortable all summer long!

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