Things To Check Before You Turn Your Heat On For the First Time

While we still might be a month or so away from needing to turn on the heat here in Tampa Bay, Florida, there are a few important things to check before turning your heater on this Winter season! Before you switch on the heat, make sure to follow these easy steps from the HVAC pros at Super Heat & Air!

Pre-Heat Checklist:
Change your air filter: Before turning on the heat, make sure to replace the air filter in your HVAC system.
Check for any obstructions near the unit: Make sure that the heating unit isn’t surrounded by any flammable materials, and is free of clutter on all sides.
Check supply and return vents: Walk around your house and make sure that all vents are open. If you notice any dust or debris on or near the vents, make sure to give it a quick clean.
Thermostat: Make sure your thermostat is working properly before starting the heat.
Check for drafts around windows and doors: A drafty or leaky window will allow precious heat to escape and can even cause your heating bill to be higher! Inspect each window and door in your house and seal any leaks.

If you have an older HVAC system, now is a good time to consider getting a quote on a replacement! Call the HVAC pros at Super Heat & Air for a quote today!

Now that you have checked these things, it’s time to turn on the heat! Once you turn your heater on, there are a few more things to check for:

Check for Smells

When you turn on your heater for the first time this season, you might smell burning dust. Over the warm months of the year, dust can settle on the heating components of your HVAC and will burn off once switched on again. If needed, you can open a window to help air your home out. If the smell persists though, you might want to consider changing your air filters ( if you haven’t already) and cleaning your ducts. Obviously, if there is smoke or fire coming from the system, turn it off right away!

Check the Current Carbon Monoxide Detector Reading

If your home doesn’t currently have one, we highly recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home. The alarm on the reader will go off if it reads above 30. If this happens, make sure to turn off your furnace and call a Super Heat & Air technician immediately. ( You might want to leave the house if it reads above 30 as well.)

Listen for Strange Noises

If you notice any strange noises or if your furnace sounds like it is struggling, it is probably time for a tune-up! Check the breaker if you notice that your furnace is not blowing warm air, make sure that the unit is receiving power, and take note of any squealing, clanking, or banging coming from the unit. If something seems wrong, give Super Heat & Air a call!

Before turning on the heat, be sure to call Super Heat & Air for seasonal maintenance and duct cleaning, so your heater will be ready to keep you toasty and warm this winter season! Call the pros today!

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