The Benefits of Switching Your Home to Central AC

Many homes in Tampa Bay don’t have central AC systems. Instead, they rely on window units to keep their homes cool. Though this might work for small houses, things can get quite toasty inside and hot spots can be a problem. In this case, a central AC system can be a great solution!

Our team at Super Heat & Air discusses the benefits of switching your home to central AC in Florida. Ready? Let’s go!

The Benefits of Switching to Central AC

As you contemplate your air conditioning upgrade, here are some of the amazing benefits to consider:

Increased Indoor Comfort

Of course, the first benefit that you can expect is greater indoor comfort throughout your home. Whereas window units provide targeted cooling to a small area, a central AC system will provide a consistently pleasant temperature throughout every room in your house.

Greater Convenience

Central AC systems are also quite convenient. With a central air conditioner, you don’t have to deal with makeshift cooling options, sacrificing one of your windows for a window unit, or dealing with air leaks.

You can simply set the thermostat to your desired temperature and enjoy the cool air! P.S. It is also especially convenient if you opt for home zoning with a smart thermostat!

Heating Compatibility

With window AC units, you may have to set up space heaters in the winter months to keep warm. Not with a central AC system! Like a central AC, a furnace relies on ducts to distribute heated air. You can combine both units and create an integrated system that keeps your home warm and cool when needed!

Higher Home Resale Value

Central air conditioning is a major asset to a house. This is especially true as summers here in Tampa seem to get hotter and hotter and last even longer!

Larger homes with ample windows tend to see the highest ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to installing a central AC system, but any home can benefit!

Cleaner Air

Since central air conditioners have ductwork and air filters, the air you breathe will be cleaner and healthier to breathe. Not to mention, the humidity levels in your home will be significantly lower with a central AC system!

Greater Efficiency

Maintaining your home’s indoor temperature with a centralized system is much more efficient than setting every room’s temperature individually. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with pesky hot spots or rooms that just don’t get adequate cooling or airflow.

It is also less expensive installing a central system rather than purchasing and running multiple individual units.

Reduced Noise & Greater Security

One of the best benefits of a central HVAC system is the low level of noise it generates. Window units can be quite loud and if you have multiple running in your home, you likely have high noise pollution.

Also, having window units can be a security risk as burglars can easily access your home through the open window that the AC unit is installed in.

Is It Time to Make the Switch?

Upgrading to a central AC system is a big decision and a large investment, but our team here at Super Heat & Air is here to find the best solution for your Tampa, Florida home! From system design to unit sizing and everything in between, we will help you make the right choice for your new air conditioning system. (813) 279-8213

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