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Save Money on Heating Costs

Beat the Cost of Heat   Hey Greater Tampa Bay, is it cold enough out there for you yet? The people of Greater Tampa Bay “have chills, they’re multiplying!” That’s because we are experiencing some chilly weather this week, and we love it (well, some of us do).   Whether you’ve used your heater yet or…

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Fall Tips for Air Conditioning and Heating

Fall season has arrived in Greater Tampa Bay! And while that might not mean much weather-wise in Florida due to the fact that we still get warm weather this time of year, there will be times you need to use your heater.   We probably have it easier than most of the country, but it…

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Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: Is there a Difference?

Aren’t They the Same Thing?   Is a heat pump any different from an air conditioner? This is a very common question in the air conditioning business. Well, they’re basically the same thing. Except they’re not! Confusing, huh?   The main difference is that a standard air conditioner does not provide heating. In other words,…

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Smoking Indoors Kills Air Quality

HVAC and a Cigarette Pack   Before we get into the topic of how smoking inside affects your indoor air quality and your air conditioning system, let’s get the PSA out of the way right away: Smoking is a nasty habit and it’s bad for your health. Everybody knows this, especially people who smoke. Super Heat & Air…

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