Super Bowl Sunday Tips

Super Bowl & Air
It’s that time of the year again: Super Bowl Sunday! Everybody’s talking about it, and everybody’s ready to party! To make your Super Bowl Sunday party more enjoyable, here are a few tips from Super Bowl & Air!
Tackle the Flu
Football season is all about football, family, friends, fiestas and fun. But it’s also about another “F word”: flu! Yes, we were trying to be clever there (how did we do?). But seriously, football season is also flu season. Influenza, better known as “the flu,” is a nasty and contagious viral infection. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and basically pure misery! Get a flu shot if you haven’t already, and make sure to keep plenty of cold and flu medicine around for you and your guests.
Super Cold Sunday
You might be asking yourself why an air conditioning and heating company is giving Super Bowl Sunday tips. Well, temperature lows are forecasted in the lower 60s, so Super Bowl Sunday will be super cold (for us Floridians, anyway)! Before you go inviting all of your friends over to your house, make sure your heater is working! Also, make sure you have blankets for your guests and wear adequate layers of clothing. And avoid space heaters if possible: those things are dangerous! If your heater is not working, you know the drill: give Super Heat & Air a call and we’ll fix it for you.
Don’t Fumble the Food
Put some healthy options on the menu. … We know, we know, it’s a Super Bowl party, but hear us out! Unless your party is hosted by hipsters or health nuts, nobody is expecting a buffet of tofu dip, kale tacos and gluten-free organic chips. Super Bowl parties are all about the chicken wings, greasy burgers and fatty queso chili dip. But you want to feel good after the party is over, don’t you? If you eat only crap, you will feel like crap after your favorite team has won or lost! Plus some of your party guests may be diabetic, on strict doctor-prescribed diets or just plain health-conscious, so keep them in mind when you set up the platters. You don’t want them to leave your party and go somewhere else, do you? Offer up veggie platters, maybe some hummus dip and low sugar drinks and desserts along with the “fun food.” And while the beer is essential to any Super Bowl party, have some water available for the intoxicated and dehydrated among your guests.
Spike the Ball, Not the Punch
We’re not out to take the fun out of Super Bowl Sunday, but copious amounts of beer and liquor may not be the best idea. Not only do most people have to go to work on Monday, but some may not have a ride home after your party is over. Ask your guests to leave their car keys in a basket and make sure they are OK to drive after the game is over before you return their keys. Always ask your guests if they have a designated driver or access to ridesharing apps such as Uber or Lyft. And if they don’t, have the phone number to a taxi service readily available. Because if your guests get overly intoxicated at your party and have a car accident or get alcohol poisoning, game day will be game over!
Now that we got the serious tips out of the way, the most important tip for Super Bowl Sunday is to have fun! We know we will! Be safe, enjoy your Sunday Funday and (shameless plug alert) call Super Heat & Air for all your air conditioning and heating needs. Game on!

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