Signs Your Air Conditioner is Dying

Is it Time to Put “Old Yeller” Down?
On our last blog post, we touched on the lifespan of an air conditioner in Florida. As a supplement to that, today we cover signs that your air conditioner is dying.
When we invest in something as expensive as a car or an air conditioning system, we hope it will last forever. Unfortunately like cars and humans, air conditioners age and eventually die. As mentioned in the last post, regular maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of an air conditioning system. But even with regular maintenance, air conditioners are not built to last forever.
If you’re wondering whether your air conditioner is on life support, here are some signs that your air conditioner is dying:
It’s Old
As we already mentioned, air conditioners age and eventually die. The older AC systems get, the more prone they are to breaking down. If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, you can pretty much assume its on its way out. An air conditioner that makes it to the age of 20 is somewhat of a miracle, especially in Florida. But with the evolution of HVAC technology, it’s also considered inefficient at this point and should be replaced anyway.
A good idea to keep in mind as a homeowner is to start preparing a “retirement plan” for  when your AC system hits the decade mark. That means you should prepare for your AC to kick the bucket by the age of 15 and start budgeting for a new one before it happens.

It’s Raising Your Energy Bills
If your energy bills have been steadily rising over the years, it’s also a sign that your air conditioner is dying.  It could be due to parts wearing down, which cause the AC system to lose efficiency over time. Higher energy bills doesn’t exactly mean that your air conditioner is going to die. But it’s a tell-tale sign if your energy bills are still on the rise even after performing routine maintenance and repairs over the years. So if the cost of running your AC system becomes unreasonably expensive, it’s time to replace it.
Before you replace it due to rising energy bills, have an AC technician give you a diagnostic and repair anything that could be causing it to lose efficiency. But if no amount of repairs solves the problem, expect to have a funeral for your air conditioner soon!
It’s Not Dehumidifying Your Home
Your AC system isn’t only supposed to cool your home. Part of its job is to remove humidity from the air. So if your home feels increasingly humid regardless of whether the AC is cooling, it’s a sign your air conditioner is dying. A noticeable increase in the humidity of your home tells you that your AC system is losing its ability to do its job. So if it’s not removing moisture from the air like it should, it’s time to replace it.
Before you do, have a professional check if the evaporator coil needs replacing. The evaporator coil is responsible for removing moisture from your home. If fixing or replacing the evaporator coil doesn’t solve the problem, be ready to buy a new AC system.
It Needs Frequent Repairs
Your AC system constantly needs fixing. This one is pretty obvious, but if you find yourself constantly calling us or any other air conditioning company to make repairs on your AC system, you know it’s on life support. So when it comes to repair vs replace, consider what it’s costing you to have your air conditioner constantly repaired versus just replacing it altogether.
It Runs Non-Stop
One of the signs that your air conditioner is dying is that it seems to run all day, even if you have it programmed not to. That doesn’t mean it’s a problem that can’t be fixed. It could be low on freon or it could be something as simple as a damaged contactor. But if the problem is not addressed, you’ll probably be facing the death of your AC system soon enough.
It’s Getting Noisy
A quiet AC systems is a healthy AC system. So if your air conditioner rattles or hums louder than usual, you need to call us for help. Strange noises can mean anything from loose components to debris buildup. And if any of these issues occurs and are not addressed quickly, your AC system is surely on its way to our AC graveyard!

With regular maintenance, your AC system could reach or even surpass its life expectancy! But every air conditioning system eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced. So be on the lookout for these signs that your air conditioner is dying. And unless your air conditioner is past its prime, make sure you don’t jump the gun and buy a new one until a professional diagnoses these problems for you.
Remember too that newer AC systems are much more efficient than older ones. So if your AC system has surpassed the decade mark, at the very least start thinking about looking into brand new high-efficiency models. And don’t wait for “Old Yeller” to kick the bucket! Make sure you’re ready to invest in a new system when the inevitable death of your old one happens.
When you’re ready to buy a brand new energy-efficient AC system at an affordable price, call Super Heat & Air. And don’t forget to ask about our Zero Percent Interest financing options!

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