Scary Stuff: Why AC Maintenance Matters

Monsters & Maintenance
Halloween is almost here! Hey, we’re not ashamed to admit it: we get excited about holidays! If you read our blog(and shame on you if you don’t), you know we like to post fun facts and other interesting information about upcoming holidays.
Halloween is definitely a favorite holiday around “these here parts.” And seeing as our blog writer/social media guy (yes, the joker writing this post) is a big horror movie fan, you’ll likely be seeing a bit of scary-themed web content from us this month.
Now even though people like to dress up in fun costumes, Halloween is supposed to be a scary holiday! With that in mind, we present you with scary stuff that can happen to your air conditioning system without proper maintenance:
Demonic Ducts
A big part of AC maintenance includes duct cleaning. If you actually do read our blog (and kudos to you if you do), you know we can never stress the importance of AC maintenance and duct cleaning enough! So when it comes to scary stuff that can happen to your air conditioning system due to lack of maintenance, let’s start with the obvious: dust! If that word and “allergens” don’t sound scary to you, think of the horrors those things bring with them, like dust mites! Yeah, we’re talking about those nasty little ticks that are attracted to and breed with the dust (are you scratching yourself yet?). While they’re not known to be parasitic or for biting humans, they do shed skin and leave behind feces (that’s right, caca!) that give humans allergies and contribute to respiratory issues.

Speaking of allergies, lack of AC maintenance and duct cleaning contributes to poor indoor air quality too. Is that still not scary stuff to you? Well, poor indoor air quality can lead to asthma and other severe respiratory infections such as chronic lung disease. So you better think twice before you shrug your shoulders and say “so what?”
Creepy Noises
Your air conditioner can become one of the things that “goes bump in the night.” When your air conditioning system starts making scary or unusual sounds, it usually means something is wrong. We covered AC noises in the past (and you already knew that because you read our blog, right?). So you know that can mean anything from loose parts to a rodent or bug infestation! And if neither rodents nor roaches (nor the ridiculous amounts of hyperlinks included in this post) are scary enough for you, maybe the monstrous amount of money you will spend on electric bills and AC repairs will! What scary repairs do we speak of? Glad you asked! …
Mechanical Mayhem
A plethora of problems can develop from lack of AC maintenance over time. These can include scary stuff like belt misalignment. Which can wear and tear the hell out of moving parts like pulleys and bearings. Which in turn leads to damaged motors. Then there’s reduced airflow caused by unchanged air filters, which leads to AC inefficiency, which leads to big ugly electricity bills. Or how about a little compressor failure caused by dirty condenser coils, which cause the compressor to burn itself out from being overworked? If it hasn’t become obvious to you by now, we’re telling you that not having AC maintenance performed on your system once or twice a year can create some serious horrors!

Chemical Chaos
If everything you have just read so far doesn’t make you want to call Super Heat & Air right now to schedule a maintenance appointment, maybe a little refrigerant leak will get your attention. We’re not trying to scare you here (yes we are), but lack of AC maintenance can result in freon leaks. The good news is that refrigerant leaks are quite common and are not deadly. Minor exposure to refrigerant or freon will not cause any significant health problems. The bad news is that prolonged exposure to it has been known to have some serious health effects on people with heart conditions. And what’s even scarier is that freon leaks will make your AC stop cooling. A lack of freon in your AC system will eventually cause compressor failure, which is not a cheap fix! (AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!)
“Oooooh, refrigerant leaks, how scary.” If you just read that freon part and shrugged and thought, “big deal” or “whatever”, then let’s spook you a little further with a failed heat exchanger. Yeah, this is Florida and you probably don’t worry too much about your heater, right? But we want you to know that a failed heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your air stream. And while freon exposure may not be deadly, carbon monoxide poisoning is … BOO!
Did we scare you enough with this blog post? Good! We can go on and on about the scary stuff that can happen when you don’t give your AC system proper maintenance. But here’s something that won’t give you nightmares:
For only $29.95, first-time customers can have Super Heat & Air perform maintenance on their AC system! So don’t be afraid to call us and get it done today!

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