Pollen Allergy Reduction Tips

Pollen Sucks
Hey Greater Tampa Bay! You see that powdery yellow film that is covering the surface of your car? It’s pollen baby! And as beautiful as the image of bees pollinating flowers might be in science books and nature videos, pollen can be nasty stuff to us humans!
During spring, warmer weather means higher pollen counts from the sprouting flora around you. And with that comes pollen allergies. Nasty, runny nose, itchy eye, sniffling and sneezing “I’m in hell” pollen allergies. And guess what: that pollen is not just accumulating outside. Pollen accumulates in heating and air conditioning ducts in your home and circulates through the indoor air you breathe. And even after the pollinated spring season is done, any of it that remains in your ductwork will still be circulating during the summer, when we Floridians most use our air conditioners.
Because we know how bad pollen allergies suck, here are some tips for minimizing the recurring release of pollen into your home:
Close Your Windows and Doors
This one is pretty straightforward and obvious, but yes, whatever is floating around outside can come inside when your windows and doors are open. Keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible. Brilliant!
Do some Spring Cleaning
The upholstery on furniture and your carpeting are major pollen traps. So when you sit on your furniture or walk on your carpets, the pollen accumulated on them is released into the air. That pollen then circulates and could settle in your air ducts, provoking those “oh-so-pleasant” allergic reactions just like dust in your home would. Do yourself a favor and clean your home regularly during pollen season.
Replace your AC Filters
On a scale of 1-10, pollen and dust buildup can kick up your allergies to 11 during the spring! If your seasonal allergies are kicking your butt, it might be time to buy some new air filters. Replacing your air conditioning filters regularly will help you breathe cleaner indoor air. Replace your air filters every 4-6 weeks. They’re inexpensive, so don’t be cheap. Buy some new air filters so you can breathe better!
Get HEPA Air Filters
If you’re willing to spend a little more money on air filters, try getting HEPA air filters. A High Efficiency Particulate Air filter or purifier significantly improves indoor air quality. It can reduce respiratory problems caused by pollen and dust. HEPA filters are made with glass fibers that trap more than 99 percent of pollen, dust and other air pollutants. HEPA filters are a little more expensive than standard filters and should be changed every month because they trap more pollutants.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned
Schedule an air duct cleaning service with a trusted, professional air duct cleaning company like (shameless plug) Super Heat & Air! Duct cleaning thoroughly removes pollen and other debris from your air ducts. If you’re suffering from allergies at home, your air ducts could be the problem, and pollen is not the only nasty stuff that can accumulate in them. We’re talking dust, debris, dust mites, mold and mildew in your air conditioning ducts. And you’re breathing them all in, so get your ducts cleaned!
Only a professional duct cleaning service like (guess who!) Super Heat & Air has the right equipment and high-powered truck-mounted vacuums capable of removing layers of allergens from inside your ducts.
Seriously, if those pollen allergies are killing you and you’re having trouble breathing at home, give Super Heat & Air a call. We can help you breathe better during pollen season!

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