Pests and the AC System: The Critter Crisis!

How Pesky Critters Can Wreak Havoc on your AC System
Pests are everywhere. When we think about pests, we tend to think of common household nuisances like cockroaches or mice. However, when it comes to your AC system, your outdoor unit or condenser is prone to all kinds of critters of nature that can do some serious damage. From lizards to possums to wasps and raccoons, your outdoor condenser unit is exposed to the elements of nature and to the curious creatures that might come near it or even inside it.
We’ll put the disclaimer out right now that we are neither pest control experts nor do we offer pest control services. However, we are all about publishing as much useful information as we can. So on that note, here are some things you should know about pests as it relates to your air conditioning system:
Critter Rampage
Pests can be found outdoors as well as indoors. And if you’re reading this you probably live in Florida, so you know all about the roaches. But rodents and other creatures can be a major nuisance here as well. From rats to raccoons, vermin have a way of getting inside crawl spaces and messing up your AC system. They can do this by creeping into your ductwork, nesting in your insulation and even dying inside the ventilation system that provides the indoor air you breathe.
When it comes to pest control, people often overlook pest proofing their Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Super Heat & Air is not a pest control company. And we are not licensed to perform pest control either. But the services we offer such as inspections and duct cleanings will help you identify pest problem areas in your AC system. And we can help you clean and sanitize the air you breathe should there be any vermin in your ductwork.
But They’re So Cute!
Yes, squirrels, raccoons and mice might look cute, fuzzy and adorable. But they can also cause major disasters when they crawl into places they shouldn’t be crawling into. When pests enter your HVAC system, they can wreak havoc on its components. And the damage can lead to some expensive repairs. It can also lead to health problems for a home’s inhabitants, not to mention create an unpleasant air quality experience.
Rodents and other small creatures can chew, scratch and urinate on the components of your outdoor condenser unit. When your condenser unit is off, critters like mice and snakes like to crawl inside them. And if they’re inside your condenser when it fires up again, they can do some damage to your AC if they get caught up in the fan blades.
The Stench
Do you have stinky air coming out of your vents? The cause could be a pest infestation. It could be droppings or urine left behind by rodents living in your ductwork. Or maybe Randy the Raccoon crawled up into your ductwork and died! Whatever the case, the odors caused by pest problems will make their way into your home. If you smell something funky coming from your AC system, call Super Heat & Air! We will not remove any live pests but we will inspect your ductwork and let you know if any creature (living or dead) is up there. And once the pests have been removed, we will identify the problem areas and clean, repair and sanitize your ductwork so you can breathe better air!

Health Hazards
Pesticides and any other chemicals used to control an infestation can cause health issues such as eyes, nose, skin and throat irritation. Many pests also cause allergies. So if you have any inhabiting your HVAC system, you are breathing those allergens in every day.
If you have vermin nesting in your outdoor air conditioning unit, they could be a threat to anyone who comes near it. Bees or wasps who have taken shelter in your condenser or even rodents shacking up in there could end up stinging or biting an AC technician or children playing nearby.
Ductwork Inspections and Cleaning
Cracks, gaps and other openings in your ductwork create opportunities for pests to inhabit your HVAC system and your home. We’re talking bugs and vermin here, in case you didn’t already get that. Ductwork can become anything from a nesting ground to a chew toy for invading pests. And when these creatures get in, they can not only damage the ductwork but also adversely affect your indoor air quality. Pest waste such as excrement and dander will circulate into the duct system and into the interior of your home, creating unhealthy breathing conditions.
Using pesticides or poison isn’t the best option for a duct infestation. While the stuff can kill pests, they’ll die within your duct system. Decaying rodent carcasses in your ductwork can spread odors into your home. And finding the dead critters for removal can be a challenge as well. Avoid spraying pesticides into your ducts, as these will cause them to circulate back into your indoor air.
Prevention is Key
Rather than killing the little menaces that invade your condenser and your ductwork, the best way to prevent them from getting in there is preparation. Regularly clean and landscape the area surrounding your outdoor condenser unit. And use natural pest repellents to keep animals from coming into the area where you condenser is located. Pet repellents are available that contain scents which animals can’t stand. So by regularly spraying these repellants on and around the condenser, unwanted creatures will stay away.
If you do have a ductwork infestation, set live traps to catch larger pests rather than kill them. It’s better to remove critters alive than to contaminate the air with pesticides or have creatures die in your ductwork. And if you do have a pest infestation, call your local pest control companies for assistance. Once again, we do not remove live pests.
Duct cleaning is the best way to have your ductwork inspected; have dead pests removed; identify and fix any problem areas that lead to pest infestations; and have your air cleaned and sanitized for better indoor air quality. Call Super Heat & Air today to schedule a duct cleaning!

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