Not Your Typical Air Conditioning Company

Stand Out or Step Down
There seems to be a countless amount of air conditioning companies in the Greater Tampa Bay area. And they seem to multiply with water!
No really, do a Google search for AC companies in Tampa or Greater Tampa Bay and you’ll get a plethora of air conditioning companies in the results to choose from.
It’s the Sunshine State, where air conditioning is a necessity rather than a commodity. There’s a huge demand in the Greater Tampa Bay area for AC and heating services. And we acknowledge that the competition is stiff. As an air conditioning company that recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and is essentially the “new kid on the block” in Greater Tampa Bay, one of the challenges for Super Heat & Air since its inception has been to stand out from the rest.
Doing Things a Little Different
What makes Super Heat & Air different from your typical AC company is that we don’t just rely on our stellar reputation through word-of-mouth and online reviews. Super Heat & Air is a company that embraces diversity and has a wicked sense of humor! If you’ve read our blog, followed us on social media or watched our videos, you know that we don’t use the typical, stale “techy” approach to presenting our web content that other AC companies employ.
We’ve said it before and not afraid to admit again that the air conditioning business is “not sexy,” so to speak. While our expert AC technicians and experienced customer service staff are very passionate about all things HVAC, the fact is most people who are not in the AC business just want their air conditioners to work. But they don’t necessarily care much about HOW it works.
So rather than feed you the typical boring technical fare and industry jargon that other AC companies offer up as web content, we do our best to keep our presentation interesting and fun. And it works! Our online presence and web traffic has increased dramatically over the last year. And a big part of that has been our somewhat unorthodox approach of getting our name out there.

Fun Family Environment
It’s simple: a happy staff is a successful staff. One visit to the Super Heat & Air office and you pick up right away that the people who work here: love to work here! But we take business very seriously. We just don’t take ourselves too seriously, which is one of the key ingredients to our phenomenal growth in such a short time.
A lot of our current employees worked at other local air conditioning companies, aka our competitors. And they weren’t happy with their situation. Since joining the Super Heat & Air family, our employees have been telling their former coworkers about how great it is to work here. It’s gotten to the point that a lot of them have been wanting to “jump ship” and join our air conditioning company! Our reputation as a fun and friendly air conditioning company that looks out for and respects its employees has attracted many HVAC professionals in the area seeking to join our team. Regarding the amount of people who want to work here, Super Heat & Air owner Denis Nuhic says “we’ve had to turn people away.”
Treat Everyone Like Family
The point of mentioning all of this is not to “toot our own horn” about how great it is to work at Super Heat & Air, but rather to establish a point: the way a company treats its employees is a reflection of how it treats its customers! In simple terms: our happy employees ensure we have happy customers! There’s a proven correlation between employee satisfaction in the workplace and great customer service. It’s a simple principle: you can’t provide great customer service if you don’t love what you do.
The Super Heat & Air family is not just our staff. Once you’re a customer, you’re family too!
Our unofficial slogan is “Friendly Staff. Super Fast!” That’s because we’ve made a name for ourselves as a fun, friendly air conditioning company that works around the clock, gets the job done right and is fast without ever sacrificing quality of work or customer service!

“Extremely happy with this company! Very professional, quality work, and a respectful crew that worked hard and got the job done right! Financing it made it even easier for us. The new AC unit has been on for 10 minutes and it’s already super cold in my home. I would recommend this company to anyone!”

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Super Heat & Air has grown exponentially over the last year and continues to get bigger every day! Our success is attributed to our staff. And our customers, our online presence, our word-of-mouth reputation and our superior service and expertise.
We will never be your typical air conditioning company.
We will never be boring. And we will never conform to the status quo. We will also never compromise on providing you with the best air conditioning service possible in the Greater Tampa Bay area. So go ahead, do that Google search for AC companies in Greater Tampa Bay and see if you can tell the difference between the slew of other companies. We certainly can’t.

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