Most & Least Expensive AC Repairs

Generally, when you call out an HVAC technician, you can look at paying between $165 and $590 in repair costs. Prices for AC repairs vary greatly depending on the issue, part, and complexity of the repair or replacement. Repairs to a small window AC unit will cost far less than fixing a central AC system.

While you can DIY many of the following repairs, it is best to let a pro take care of anything that is complex or involves Freon.

Follow this guide to learn how much HVAC repairs typically cost:

AC Repair

Troubleshooting an air conditioning issue can vary in cost from $75 to $180 depending on where you live, the size of the unit, and what time of year it is when you call. In the hot summer months, HVAC professionals’ time is at a premium, so you could be looking at a higher hourly labor rate.

A tune-up or seasonal maintenance visit will be around $80 to $100. Yearly maintenance is crucial to keeping major repairs to your system at bay and saving you a considerable amount of money over time. Also, regular servicing can help a home inspection certify that your unit or system is in working order if you decide to sell your home.

Home AC Recharge

Recharge costs vary greatly depending on the size of your air conditioning unit, the cost of the refrigerant you use, and the amount that you need for a recharge. This cost could be as low as $100, but you should be prepared to pay $600+.

Six pounds of R-22 refrigerant could cost about $500 since new regulations are phasing out R-22, meaning that it is increasing in price.

AC Blower Repair

To repair an AC blower, it can cost as little as $150. If it can’t be repaired, replacing the blower motor can cost between $250 and $800 or even $2,00 for a high-end model. Of course, the price depends on the kind of blower that you need, as the more premium the model, the more the blower will cost.

AC Fuse, Circuit Breaker, or Relay Replacement

Since these kinds of projects are relatively fast and easy to complete, it can cost between $15 and $300 to replace AC unit fuses, circuit breakers, or relays.

AC Thermostat Replacement

To replace a thermostat, you could pay between $115 and $250. Repairing a thermostat is slightly less expensive, but upgrading to a Smart thermostat can enhance the efficiency of your unit and save you money in energy costs.

AC Capacitor Repair

You can expect to pay around $120 to $475 to replace an AC capacitor and should take less than an hour when done by a professional.

Replacing an AC Compressor

Replacing an AC compressor is quite costly, and can be around $1,200 to install. If you notice that your AC is blowing warm air, sounds overly noisy, or is vibrating when starting, the compressor could be the issue.

While you could try to fix the compressor, depending on the damage, it often makes better sense to install a new one to ensure a long-term fix.

Freon Leak Repair

Calling out a professional for an AC freon leak and repair could cost between $225 and $1,600 depending on the amount of time it takes to fix and the severity of the leak. Some damage can take more than eight hours to detect and then fix.

Fan Coil Leak

Replacing the fan coil or condensing unit could be about $2,000. Though there are some instances where you might be able to repair a fan coil leak, it is often best to replace it.

Air Handler Replacement

As one of the most important components of your system, installing a new AC handler system could be between $2,200 and $3,800. An air handler works to circulate both hot and cool air throughout your home.

Condenser Replacement

A new condenser can be on average, $1,750 to install, but this varies on the unit. Ask your AC technician if the condenser can be repaired instead of a full replacement to save some money.

AC Duct Replacement

For installation alone, you can expect to pay about $2,000 for a duct replacement. If you are looking at installing a completely new duct and HVAC system, it could cost you between $9,200 and $12,300 since this project has a large scope and can take several days to complete.

24 Hour Emergency HVAC Repairs

If your air conditioning system stops working and you need help fast, call in the pros from Super Heat & Air! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your family is safe and cool. Plus, we can perform seasonal preventative maintenance to help mitigate issues and breakdowns.

Request a free HVAC service estimate online today or give us a call at: (813) 279-8213

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