Is Air Quality Worse in The Summer?

Ahh…summertime. Known for sunshine, time spent by the pool, outdoor activities, and evening BBQs, a lot of people love the summer months here in Tampa, Florida.

Unfortunately, many beloved summer season activities contribute to higher levels of air pollution. As the heat and humidity last later into the season each year, it is important to know how to create the best summer air quality indoors.

Our air quality pros at Super Heat & Air discuss why air quality is worse in the summertime, and how to boost air quality in your home. Let’s go!

Why is Air Quality Worse During the Summer?

The overall air quality outside does not immediately worsen just because summer has begun. Rather, it’s those long hot days that so many people love and our actions and habits that impact air quality indoors and out during the summer.

Summertime Fun

Fireworks and bonfires, summer’s great pastimes, have a direct impact on air quality. Plus, higher numbers of people traveling often result in greater pollution levels.

Even just more time spent outside or keeping windows and doors open allows allergens or pollutants to increase indoor air pollution.


Seasonal changes result in warmer weather and lower precipitation levels during the summer, though Florida is the expectation of the rule with afternoon thunderstorms being quite common.

Sunshine and high temperatures aren’t just optimal for getting a tan, the heat raises certain pollutant levels like ozone and particulate matter. You may get alerted of poor air quality when a summer heat wave sets in.

Further, lower precipitation levels allow polluted air to linger in one area longer, leading to poorer air quality, like the levels in a poorly ventilated indoor space.

Air Conditioning

90% of homes in the United States have some form of air conditioning, and roughly 60% of those rely on central air conditioning. While air conditioning has many benefits from increasing comfort levels to keeping us safe when it is particularly hot outside, it is not without its faults.

Since air conditioning systems recirculate indoor air, it does not bring in fresh air from outside. In the summertime, increased AC usage means that you’re recirculating contaminants throughout your space. Therefore, indoor air quality solutions are so important not just during the summer, but year-round.

Summer Indoor Air Quality Tips

Follow these indoor air quality tips to improve your home’s air quality this summer!

#1. Have Your HVAC Tuned Up

It is important to have your HVAC maintained seasonally. This will include cleaning debris and dirt from both the indoor components of your system and the outdoor condenser unit as well as inspecting all components for signs of breakdown. Further, it is also to keep in mind that the outdoor unit needs space in the surrounding area for good airflow. That means keeping shrubs and plants trimmed throughout the summer season.

#2. Seal Leaks and Windows

A leaky window or unsealed door gap will dramatically reduce the efficiency of your AC and will increase cooling costs.

In our modern age, homes are constructed to increase home energy-efficiency and provide a tight seal. While this is great for your utility bills and the comfort level in your home, the lack of ventilation is not ideal for indoor air quality.

#3. Change Your Air Filter

We often talk about changing your air filter because it is so important! Doing this simple task can improve your indoor air quality and helps your air conditioner run more efficiently and prevents breakdowns.

Put it on the calendar every 30-60 days—change your air filter!

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Minimize Summer Air Pollution

Worries about your home’s indoor air quality should be the last thing on your mind this summer. Relax and enjoy the summer, but don’t forget to change your air filter, and make sure to schedule a summer HVAC tune-up with one of our technicians at Super Heat & Air. We will make sure your system is running smoothly all summer long (813) 279-8213 !

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