How To Tell If Your A/C Is Oversized

For most cases you would think, “The bigger, the better. Right?” That may be the case with many things, but not with air conditioners. In fact, having an oversized A/C unit can be a huge detriment to your home and your wallet. The experts at Super Heat & Air Tampa are here to give you the tell-tale signs of an oversized unit and how it can negatively affect your living space.

The A/C Unit Won’t Stay On

Also known as short-cycling, your unit will frequently shut on and off throughout the day because it quickly meets its quota and powers down within minutes. A properly-sized unit should run for at least thirty minutes to allow enough time for the air to adjust. The unit should also have minimal downtime, so if your unit takes too long to come back on then that’s another sign of it being too large for your home.

Electric Bills Are Taking a Hit

Because your oversized unit goes through the startup process an excessive amount of times throughout the day, it’s taking up more energy than is needed. So, if your electric bill spikes up, you can blame your A/C for that. The longer you wait to switch your unit to a more proper size, the more you’ll be overpaying on your bill.

Your House is Icy Hot

Short-cycling also means that the A/C can’t stay on long enough for the conditioned air to make it to the rooms that are too far away from the unit. Imagine being in an ice-cold room only to step into another room and immediately start sweating. It’s an odd sensation that many people despise, especially during the summer months.

The Noise is Drowning Out the TV

Because larger units are designed for bigger buildings where there’s more space for sound to travel and disperse, they tend to be on the louder side while they run. That’s why the sound of it kicking on and running seems amplified when constricted to a smaller space and makes it hard for you to hear the game on TV.

The Walls Are Growing Mold

Since your home is not being properly cooled and conditioned in response to extreme temperatures, it creates an overly humid environment and becomes the perfect ecosystem for mold to grow. So not only will you be paying a higher electric bill and A/C maintenance, but now you’ll have to hire someone to securely remove the biohazard.

If you believe that your A/C unit is oversized, schedule an appointment and we’ll equip you with the perfect-sized air conditioner for your home.

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