How to Spot a Good Air Conditioning Company

Research Reputation & Reviews
How do you spot a good air conditioning company? They shouldn’t be hard to find. But the fact is AC companies in the Greater Tampa Bay area are not scarce. We know that and we acknowledge it.
The competition in Greater Tampa Bay — where air conditioning is a necessity, not a commodity — is fierce! The air conditioning and heating industry can be very cutthroat when it comes to competition. And unfortunately, that means there are many disreputable companies out there who will bypass ethics and good customer service to satisfy their bottom line.

At Super Heat & Air, we pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned amongst our customers by word of mouth and by online customer reviews. So with that in mind, here are some things you should look for when searching for a good air conditioning company.
Do Your Research
Before you hire any air conditioning company, look them up online. Do a Google search on the company and see how they measure up against other companies. Check online reviews on Home Advisor, Google Reviews and other sites. Social media is a great way to get insight on an AC company too. Visit the company’s Facebook page and check out the reviews, what kind of information they put out and how they interact with their customers. Be sure to check out Super Heat & Air’s Facebook reviews as an example of the type of air conditioning company you want to hire!
Are there some bad reviews on there? A few, yes. You can’t please everyone. But when a company’s positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones, you know you can take comfort in doing business with them.
Know How to Spot Fake Reviews
When checking up on an air conditioning company’s reviews, transparency is what it’s all about. For example, on Super Heat & Air’s website, we don’t just type reviews on our page: we provide screenshots of our customer reviews from the original source. Real customer reviews for the most part sound authentic and organic, not generic or paid for. If a customer review looks and sounds generic, it was probably written by a service that pays people to write reviews or even one of the company’s own employees.
Speaking of an air conditioning company’s employee reviews, be sure to check those out too. How an air conditioning company values its current or past employees can also be a good reflection of how that company values its customers. So if employees for an air conditioning company post positive reviews, it’s a good sign of doing business with a trustworthy company. If current or past employee reviews are negative, it’s best not to do business with this company.
Longtime former Super Heat & Air employee Justin Pita gave his take on us:

“One of the best companies to work for, great and professional staff, always willing to go the extra mile for our customers comfort!!!!
Also I thank Caleb for doing such an awesome job working with my mother. He found a system in her price range, and even had connections on a roofing contractor to help her with her roof. The turnaround time from the sale to the install was great too. Jason and the install were very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend Super Heat & Air to install your next HVAC system.” – Justin Pita

Always check if the source of the review is provided (we do this with screenshots, as seen above). If it’s a generic review from an ambiguous source (such as a text blurb with no image), it might be a fake.
Analyze Social Media Activity
Much like leveraging customer reviews to boost credibility, some companies try to boost their online presence too by purchasing Likes and followers on Facebook and other social media sites. Just because an air conditioning company has thousands of Likes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re legit. For example, if the AC company operates from the United States and the bulk of their Likes came from India, Russia or any other foreign country that is not the United States, those Likes were probably purchased.
A company purchasing Likes is a red flag. Super Heat & Air doesn’t purchase Likes or followers; we earn them! A good air conditioning company doesn’t need to pay for vanity social media Likes and followers. And word-of-mouth also takes care of business for us!
Make Educated Decisions
Most everyday people who are not AC technicians don’t know much about how their AC system works. Unfortunately, this means that like unscrupulous mechanics who overcharge for parts and labor — oftentimes on repairs you don’t even need — a shady air conditioning company might try to dupe you into paying more for AC maintenance or repairs if you are not educated.
Before you agree to sign off on any maintenance or repair costs on air conditioning service, make sure the AC technician takes the time to educate you on what the problems are and actually shows you the problem areas.  A good air conditioning company will always take the time to educate its customers.  And if you’re not sure about the estimate the AC technician is providing, always get a second opinion! (We offer those for free!)
Super Heat & Air takes the time to inform its customers on air conditioning and heating issues. We want our customers to be informed before, during and after hiring us to do a job. Not only is our service affordable and honest, but our friendly staff will never be pushy or use scare tactics to convince you to hire us for a job.
Question Hidden Fees
Be distrustful of any air conditioning company that tries to nickel and dime you for any hidden fees. For example, a disreputable air conditioning company may claim their technician didn’t have all the necessary tools for the job on the first trip and could charge you a service fee for having to make a second trip. A good air conditioning company will never try to pull shady tactics on you!

Before you sign off on anything, question everything!
Ask about the cost of parts and labor, as well as any additional fees and if the price quoted on the estimate is the final cost. Make sure you save a copy of the final quote to avoid getting charged extra for any hidden fees.
Friendly Staff. Super Fast!
Super Heat & Air’s experienced and friendly team of HVAC technicians will never pressure you into any kind of service. We’re so confident in our superior air conditioning service and reputation that we encourage you to do your research and shop around first before hiring us! Read our reviews. Google us. Ask around! We’re proud of our reputation as one of the best air conditioning companies in Greater Tampa Bay and we’re ready to back it up!

When you’re ready for service from a good air conditioning company in Greater Tampa Bay you can trust, give Super Heat & Air a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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