How Often Should Your Heater Be Inspected?

While you may not use your heater for most of the year in Florida, it still needs to be maintained. Your heater needs to be in proper working condition before the cold season starts again.

While you may have heard that you need to inspect it twice a year, it depends. So, what is the right frequency of heater inspections, especially in Florida?

Our technicians at Super Heat & Air discuss a few tips on how to time your heater inspections to ensure that it runs efficiently when you need it most.

How Often Should a Heater Be Inspected?
Twice a year
Every 2-5 years

How often you get your heater inspected depends on a few factors. If you use your heater frequently and rely heavily on it throughout the winter, then it is often recommended to get an inspection done every 6 months. This preventative work will ensure that any issue can be caught early before becoming a bigger more costly problem.

Generally, it is recommended that annual heater inspections are completed in early autumn before winter, or in late spring. Annual heater inspections ensure that your heater is in good condition year to year.

Climate Considerations

Your climate will also influence how often you need to get your heater inspected. The amount of use and stress that the heater is put under during the colder months is an important consideration.

Cold Winters

In regions where it snows, heaters are a vital piece of household equipment. For our northerly friends, heater inspections every 6-12 months are recommended.

Mild Winters

If it gets cold enough during the winter to turn on the heater, we recommend an annual inspection as well. Even though you may not use it as much, this inspection still ensures that it is in good working condition.

No Winter

Homes in warm climates like Florida rarely need to turn on the heater, so we recommend an inspection every 2-5 years—whether you think it needs it or not.

Inspections ensure that the filter is clean, that the wires are aging well, and that there is not much dust in the coils if you need to fire it up during an unexpectedly cold winter.

What Kind of Heater Do You Have?

Some heaters will need more maintenance than others. Gas heaters, furnaces, and boilers can be potentially dangerous if not properly maintained and should be inspected regularly to ensure their safety. Even a summer of lying dormant could allow a heater to fall into disrepair, as can constantly winter use.

Electric heaters require less maintenance, but still need to be inspected regularly to clear any dust, check fans, and inspect the quality of the wires and elements inside.

Seasonal Safe Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is a great way to ensure that your heater stays in great condition year after year.

Perform seasonal maintenance:

Before switching the heater on each year
Before shutting down the heater in the spring
Make Use of Your Warranty

If your heater still has a warranty, make use of it. The warranty may just be for product quality issues, but it might also include discounted or complimentary heater maintenance for the first few years of ownership.

Dual AC and Heater Inspections

Remember, heater inspections can be done at the same time as your seasonal AC inspection. These inspections will get your AC ready for the summer and put your heater away after a winter of hard work. Inspections in the fall will ensure that your AC is in good condition after a hot summer and prepare your heater to fire up again.

No matter what climate you live in, get your heater inspected at least once a year. This ensures that no issues are overlooked year after year.

HVAC Maintenance and Inspections

Ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently throughout the year with our pros at Super Heat & Air. We will inspect your heater and your AC system and will repair any small issues before they become a bigger issue.

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