How Do You Fix Uneven Air Flow in Your House?

When your air conditioning system produces uneven cooling, uncomfortable temperatures can spread throughout your entire home. Uneven cooling is a common complaint in two-story or multi-story homes, but it can also be a sign of HVAC problems in any kind of home.

Ductwork leaks, poor attic insulation, dirty HVAC filters, blocked vents, and more can make it difficult to control the air conditioning in a home.

Here are some tips to fix uneven air flow in your Tampa Bay home from our HVAC pros at Super Heat & Air!

What Causes Uneven Cooling in a Home?

Your HVAC system may produce uneven cooling due to various issues such as leaky air ducts, wear, and tear to the HVAC equipment, and more.

Here are some of the top reasons for uneven cooling:

Blocked Air Vents

Room vents distribute cold air from supply ducts. When vents are blocked, rooms will not receive the cool air that is intended for that area.

Vent covers can be blocked by carpeting, furniture, and other items, or vents with louvers could be left in the closed position accidentally. When air hits the blocked vent, it will be redirected to another area that has unblocked or open vents.

These rooms with open vents will feel much cooler than the spaces in your room with blocked vents, causing uneven air flow throughout the home.

Leaks in Air Ducts

Supply ductwork carries cool air from the air conditioner to spaces throughout your home. When leaks are present in the ducts, cold air will seep out of the duct and hot air will be introduced into the system. The result? Warm air will flow into your living areas and your HVAC system may have trouble keeping up.

Not Enough Insulation

If your attic does not contain enough insulation, cool air can easily escape your home. If this is the case, heating and cooling loss will be a year-round problem.

Dirty Air Filters

The filters for an air conditioner keep it clean and clear of debris, but they can get dirty in just a few short weeks. Once dirty, these filters need to be replaced or they can create a blockage that prevents the system from moving enough air through the system to keep the indoor spaces cool and comfortable.

Short Cycling

When a cooling cycle only lasts for a couple of minutes, the air conditioner cannot generate enough cold air to send it throughout the house, thus making it difficult to control the temperature of each room. This HVAC issue is known as short cycling and can lead to energy waste and system damage.

Outdated Unit

When uneven cooling is a consistent problem, you might be due for an air conditioner replacement. Over time, your HVAC system will become less efficient and lose its ability to efficiently cool your indoor spaces.

How to Fix Uneven Cooling in the Home

If uneven cooling is making your family uncomfortable, here are some tips to remedy the issues!

#1. Open Air Vents

Move through each room of your home and check each vent for any obstructions. Remove furniture, rugs, and other items, and check to see if the air registers are open.

Clear registers will allow cool air to flow into the room.

#2. Adjust Fan Settings

When your HVAC fan is set to AUTO, it will run only during a cooling cycle. Try switching the fan settings to ON instead. The ON fan setting will keep air circulating through the house, even when the AC unit is off.

While the AUTO setting may conserve energy, running the fan more often could help maintain comfort throughout your entire space.

#3. Have Ductwork Sealed

Professional duct sealing can eliminate air leaks and solve uneven temperatures and airflow caused by energy loss in your air ducts.

#4. Increase Insulation

Adding insulation to your attic, under the floor, and in other areas of the home can address energy loss that leads to poor overall comfort.

#5. Replace Your Air Filter

It is imperative to follow proper maintenance to ensure your AC system is running smoothly. We recommend changing your air filter every 30-60 days. This will make it easier for your AC to keep temperatures consistent.

Consider Zoning

If there are still hot and cold spots in your home, consider a zoned HVAC system. Installed with a new air conditioner or your existing unit, a zoned system uses a series of dampers and individual thermostats in each zone to control the airflow.

Install a New AC

If your existing AC equipment is not sufficiently cooling your home, it is likely time to replace it. With a new more efficient unit, your home will have the power to manage indoor air conditions in every room without an issue.

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Fix Uneven Air Flow in Tampa Bay

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