Happy National HVAC Tech Day!

HVAC technicians work hard for you all year long, and as we approach the dog days of summer, it’s time to show them some love! Letting the HVAC professionals that work to maintain or repair your air conditioner know that they are appreciated will make them feel valued and boost their overall morale. So, show your HVAC technicians some appreciation on June 22nd because it is National HVAC Tech Day!

How Super Heat & Air Is Showing HVAC Techs We Care!

We’re celebrating ALL HVAC techs at Super Heat & Air located at 3654 West Cypress St., FL 33607 on June 22, 2022, from 11am-3pm. If you want to join in the fun but you don’t work with us (yet), you’re invited too because we’re also hiring! Come check out the party and fun work environment. We’ll have food, drinks, a live DJ, raffle prizes, games, and a dunk tank where you can take a shot at taking down our General Manager, Dan Weeks; a great boss, a lot of fun at parties, and an awesome sport!

If you can’t join the party, here are some other ways to show your HVAC tech some appreciation on June 22nd and throughout the year!

Maintain Your HVAC System

A terrific way to show appreciation to hardworking HVAC techs is to keep your system well-maintained. Change your air filter every 30-60 days, insulate your home, and schedule an HVAC tune-up at least twice a year.

Your HVAC tech will appreciate these precautions, and it will make his or her job much easier!

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth referrals are important to businesses and especially so for HVAC companies. Recommend your favorite HVAC tech to your family and friends and do not forget to leave a 5-star review for them online.

Nothing shows appreciation more than speaking highly of someone’s hard work and effort. Think about it, without knowledgeable HVAC techs, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy cool air on blistering hot summer days or the coziness of a heated home in the cold winter.

Why We Love our Super Heat & Air HVAC Techs

Why do we love our HVAC techs at Super Heat & Air? Simple, they are superheroes! We rely on them throughout the year for HVAC maintenance, emergency repairs, and installations.

Unfortunately, HVAC techs often perform a thankless role in our society but think how lost we would be if they weren’t there to help regulate the temperature in our buildings!

HVAC techs are here day in and day out to save the day, and we appreciate them every day. Happy National HVAC Tech Day to all our wonderful techs here at Super Heat & Air; we applaud your hard work and effort!

Super Heat & Air

Super Heat & Air has been providing superior HVAC service to Tampa Bay since 2015 and is one of Tampa Bay’s most trusted HVAC companies. We are happy to announce we are growing and have several open positions throughout our company. Check our positions out at: https://superheatandair.com/careers/

Don’t forget to thank an HVAC tech today!

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