Cool Father’s Day Gift

Big Daddy Cool
Hey, remember that post we published for Mother’s Day last month? We proposed getting that special Mom in your life a brand new air conditioner as a nontraditional gift. Ok we admit it, a brand new air conditioner might be a little too much for a Mother’s Day present. But it would make the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary!
There is something more sensible and affordable you can get “Dad”, “Daddy”, “Poppa” or whatever you like to call him for Father’s Day. And no, we’re not talking about a tie. You can show that special father in your life some love and appreciation by getting him a Super Heat & Air Club Membership!
We know that coming up with an exciting Father’s Day present is always a challenge. You want to get your father and the father of your children (if you have them) something special. And because you never want to give the same gift twice, each year it’s harder to come up with something new and exciting to show Dad some love.
Give Him Something Useful
We know an air conditioning club membership is not a traditional Father’s Day present. But come on, you’ve already done the necktie thing. You’ve done the dinner, the gadgets, the gift cards, the day at the golf course and pretty much everything that everybody else has already done over the years. So why not surprise him with something new!

Before we continue, let’s take a minute to say “Happy Father’s Day” to Denis Nuhic, the owner of Super Heat & Air, who recently became a father for the first time. Happy Father’s Day Denis!
Ok, so let’s talk about that Super Heat & Air Club Membership:
It’s a great gift to give that pretty much pays for itself. And it offers many benefits to our customers. The Super Heat & Air Club Membership saves people money on air conditioning service. It’s an affordable yearly air conditioning maintenance plan that costs less than what you would pay for a flat-screen TV (which your dad probably already has).
Our club membership only costs $14.95 a month! And it includes:
2 Free Annual HVAC Maintenance ServicesUp to 1lb of RefrigerantFree Service CallsPriority Service20% Discount Off Parts, Labor and Services!
Why You Should Get It
Regular maintenance keeps Dad’s air conditioning system running at peak efficiency for a long time! And if Poppa has an air conditioning emergency, he gets 20% off his service! Priority service for Dad means his membership puts him first in line for service.  So for Father’s Day, you’re giving Dad major savings for a year on air conditioning service, including two free maintenances, for less than $200! Isn’t that better than a shirt and a tie or a day at the golf course? We think so!
See, you can save that special father in your life some serious money on air conditioning service with the Super Heat & Air Club Membership! … It’s an original Father’s Day gift that will last. So skip the gadget shop this year and get your father something useful!
Call Super Heat & Air today and ask us about getting the Super Heat & Air Club Membership. And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there from Super Heat & Air! (813) 279-8213

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