Fall Has Arrived. Here’s How to Tell If You Should Invest in A Heat Pump

Over the years, heat pumps have become quite common in hot climates like Florida, due to their effective air conditioning coupled with their capability to heat homes during mild winters. Installing a heat pump can be an excellent investment for your year-round comfort.

Now that winter is around the corner, you may be wondering if a heat pump is right for you. Here are some reasons why a heat pump could be a great investment for your Florida home.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is like a standard central AC system in that it uses refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another in your home. What makes a heat pump different is a reversing valve. This valve allows homeowners to reverse the flow of refrigerant to heat or cool their homes.

In the summer months, heat is transferred outside, and in the winter, heat is absorbed from outside and transferred inside. This ability to switch between heating and cooling is why these systems have become so popular.

The Advantages of a Heat Pump

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a heat pump:

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps do not generate their heat, instead, they move it from one place to another in your home, so they require far less energy to operate and are quite energy efficient. In heating mode, heat pumps truly excel and offer superior energy efficiency as compared to fuel-burning systems like furnaces.

Switching to a heat pump from a furnace can save up to 30% on heating bills over the winter season.


With a heat pump, you will only need one system to heat or cool your home throughout the year. And they also allow you to save on costly repairs and breakdowns that you might encounter with traditional two-system heating and cooling configurations.

A heat pump also saves space in your home and provides a level of convenience you won’t find in other systems. Plus, you can heat or cool your hope with just a simple flip of a switch!

Low Maintenance

Once a heat pump is installed and set up, there is little you will need to do to maintain it. The only thing that we recommend is to get a yearly inspection down on the system to ensure that it is still running properly and efficiently.

Minimal Noise

Unlike a central AC system and a furnace, a heat pump produces a minimal amount of noise when operating. If your air conditioner is noisy, you may want to consider purchasing an efficient heat pump system.

Home Value

Heat pumps are ideal for mild winters and can add value to your home. The benefits of a home with an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safe heating and cooling system will give your home an edge over homes in your neighborhood that have traditional systems.

Other Heat Pump Advantages
Ductless heat pumps can be installed in every room in your home, effectively eliminating cold or hot spots.
The volume of warm and cold air that the heat pump produces exceeds the total amount of electricity that it uses while operating.
Since a heat pump produces both warm and cold air, you only need to pay for one maintenance visit, instead of one for the furnace and air conditioner.
Is a Heat Pump Right for Me?

Heat pumps can be the ideal choice for homeowners in Florida due to our mild winters. While Northern homeowners may need a furnace for those below zero nights and harsh winters, a heat pump is sufficient to warm Florida homes. Plus, they can efficiently cool your home during our hot and humid summers!

Tampa Heat Pump Installations

If your central AC system is no longer running efficiently and you want to break free from having a furnace/air conditioner configuration, call our team at Super Heat & Air to install a heat pump in your Tampa Bay home.

Learn more about the benefits of a heat pump and call us for an installation quote today (813) 279-8213

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