Ductless Air Conditioning: A Mini Split Decision

Less Duct for your Buck
Mini-split ductless air conditioning is increasing in popularity due to the many benefits it offers homeowners and business owners.
Let’s say you moved into or purchased a home in which central air conditioning cannot be installed because there is no ductwork. “Window AC units” might be your first thought. And that sounds fine. But window AC units are not known for their efficiency. You might want to consider a relatively new technology called mini-split ductless air conditioning instead.
Go Ductless
Ductless AC systems have a lot to offer, particularly for owners of older homes. And while they do have their drawbacks, the mini split system is a flexible innovation that has provided more options in the evolving world of HVAC technology. It’s a good alternative for people who can’t (or won’t) have traditional cooling systems installed.
Before we get into the benefits of mini split ductless air conditioning systems, let’s talk about what they are. Mini split ductless air conditioning systems have an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handler. And they work like central air systems on a smaller scale. A ductless mini split has a thermostat just like a central air conditioning system. But it eliminates the need for ductwork to circulate the air (hence the word “ductless”, in case you didn’t already figure that out).
Benefits of Ductless AC Systems
When ductwork wears out, heating and cooling efficiency decrease over time. Because ductwork requires regular maintenance to preserve efficiency, having a ductless system eliminates the need for … well … maintenance.  As for thermostat control, several mini splits can be installed in multiple rooms. That means each occupant of a room can control the respective temperature of their unit to their liking. And it eliminates the need to fight over temperature control. No ducts, no maintenance, no fighting over the thermostat!
Here are some more benefits to going ductless:
Easy Installation
Because there is no ductwork involved, mini split air conditioners are easier to install than traditional air conditioning systems. Installing a traditional AC system with ductwork can take all day or several days. And it requires a technician to disrupt your home activity during installation. Ductless air conditioning system installation is less intrusive. It often only requires a small hole in the wall to connect the conduits and can be up and running in no time.

By the way, our superhero AC technicians install ductless mini splits. So if you need one installed, call us.
Better Efficiency
Window AC units are not known for their efficiency. And while today’s central AC systems are manufactured to be more energy efficient, ductless mini split air conditioners can be up to 30% more efficient than traditional AC systems. Ductwork without regular maintenance loses cooling efficiency over time. And that means your electric bills will rise without regular maintenance. Ductless air conditioning systems are not only known to provide better cooling capacity, but also reduced energy consumption. This is great for the environment and for reducing your carbon footprint.
Money Savings
Ductless mini splits allow you to cool individual parts of your home. So big money can be saved by not having to maintain one particular temperature for an entire building. The savings ductless air conditioning systems provide can be substantial and will reflect on your electric bills almost immediately. Ductless systems require less power to operate and allow homeowners to create zones in their home. That means a room that is not occupied or doesn’t get much use does not have to be heated or cooled evenly like every other room, which saves money.
Noise Reduction
The noises your central air conditioning system produces could help you sleep better at night or make sleeping a nightmare. Either way, a ductless air conditioning system is much quieter than traditional air conditioning systems, which can start generating loud or strange noises when something is off. AC noises sometimes occur due to problems with the ductwork, so having a ductless system eliminates the problem.
Ductless AC units can easily be placed in several areas based on cooling and heating needs. For people who like variety, this makes them a popular choice. So if there’s a room that doesn’t need to be cooled, you don’t have to cool it! It eliminates the need for one unit to control the temperature in an entire building. So if the occupant of one room likes it colder than the occupant of another room, no sweat!
The same goes for heating. Some like it hot, some do not. Heat is delivered directly into different zones instead of one centralized system. And the placement options for mini split air conditioners are so versatile that it’s easy to put one almost anywhere without compromising design space.
Cleaner Air
Ductless air conditioners are revered for the cleaner indoor air they provide. They offer multi-stage filtration that effectively reduces dust and other pollutants from the air. And they operate with highly efficient reusable air filters, which helps reduce waste and save money. Ductless mini splits also follow ENERGY STAR guidelines, which means they are manufactured to abide by today’s energy efficiency standards. In addition to consuming less energy, ductless systems also use R410A refrigerant, which is known for its environmentally friendly properties.

While easy installation, energy efficiency, cleaner air and flexibility are some of the benefits, ductless mini splits do have their drawbacks. Going ductless provides long-term money-saving benefits. But the sticker price on a mini-split system plus installation is not cheap. Tax incentives are associated with the installation and operation of environmentally friendly HVAC systems, which helps offset the cost. But if you’re purchasing a ductless mini-split system, be prepared to shell out some serious dough!
Because ductless mini splits are not as prominent as traditional AC systems, another drawback is finding qualified installers. Ductless air conditioners are simple to set up. But they are not just “plug and play” systems that anybody could install correctly. Super Heat & Air has qualified installers on staff! But hiring just anyone to install your ductless system could lead to improper installation or sizing. And that could lead to short cycling of the system. Short cycling cancels out the money-saving benefits a ductless system provides.
Only a qualified HVAC professional should perform the installation. So remember that and remember us when it’s time to get it done!
Another minor but notable drawback to mini split air conditioners is cosmetic. Ductless systems are compact and can be placed just about anywhere. But many homeowners don’t want to see an AC unit inside their home. Air handlers for central air conditioning systems are well hidden. So if a visible AC unit will be an eyesore, you may want to reconsider buying a ductless air conditioner.
The benefits of ductless air conditioning systems outweigh the disadvantages. But before you purchase a ductless air conditioning system, make an informed decision! Call Super Heat & Air to find out if a ductless mini-split system is right for you. (813) 279-8213

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