Does Your Home Need a Second AC Unit?

If your AC unit just isn’t cutting it, especially when you have a two-story house, it might be time to add a second AC unit to your system. Often parts of your house – especially a larger or 2 story home – can be warmer due to insulation problems, rising warm air, or “dead” spots that your AC just won’t reach. Could a second AC unit be the answer to your cooling woes? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and considerations of adding a second air conditioning unit to your home…

Temperature Balance

This is probably the number one reason for adding a second unit to your system. Two units can do a better job of balancing the desired temperature in your home, especially if you have a second story, basement, or live-in garage space.

Generally, most houses have areas that are warmer, or more difficult to keep cool than others. In a two-story home, the upstairs is often warmer since warm air rises. A second AC unit can help regulate the temperature in these warmer areas of your house, as well as boost efficiency in both units. For example, if the upstairs of your home is rarely used in the daytime, you can set the thermostat for that AC unit higher than you would be able to if you only had one unit. Having two units would allow you the freedom to keep the other downstairs living areas at a more comfortable temperature rather than using excess energy to cool the entire home.

Energy Savings

With two AC units, you have more control over how much energy is used to keep specific areas in your home comfortable. When your system doesn’t have to work so hard to cool the entire home, you save big on energy consumption and costs! Essentially, when you reduce the square footage that you are cooling, your costs go down, and you are in turn decreasing your carbon footprint!

Backup In Case of Failure

It’s always wise to have a backup plan, and especially so when it comes to your AC unit! If you’ve ever experienced AC unit failure on a hot summer day, you can attest to this. If you have two AC units in your home, you can rely on one to keep your family cool in the event that the other one fails and needs to be repaired.

Cost Considerations

While having a second AC unit might make your life a lot cooler, the cost of installation is a major consideration. However, the cost might not be as high as you might think. AC units are recommended for your home based on the square footage of your house and your cooling needs. If you have two units, the size of the units needed will be smaller to cool the same square footage of space, versus one large unit. The savings in energy costs can also help offset the cost of having two units. Ultimately, your heating and cooling habits and the size and layout of your home will help determine what the best option for your family is.

An Alternative: A Single-Unit Zoned System

Not sure if two AC units in your home is the right solution? Another option is to install a single-unit zoned HVAC system. A zoned system is great for those who want to be able to control and set the temperature in different areas of your home, much like having that second unit. A zoned system uses dampers inside the ductwork, which change and control the flow of cool or warm air to different areas of your home.

The cost of a single-unit zoned system install would be greater than a regular system, but it can have a significant impact on your energy costs.

Every home and family is different and it is important to evaluate your cooling needs and weigh the pros and cons of a non-zoned system vs. a single-unit zoned system or even having two AC units installed. The air conditioning professionals at Super Heat & Air can answer any questions that you might have about your family’s HVAC needs and will never recommend something that you don’t need!

If you are considering adding a second AC unit, or a zoned unit to your AC system, give Super Heat & Air a call for a consultation. We are happy to answer any questions about your AC system, and will quickly install or repair your AC to ensure that your family stays cool and comfortable this summer! (813) 279-8213

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