COVID-19: How We Are Working to Protect You and Your Family

Super Heat & Air, Tampa’s air conditioning repair and indoor air quality experts, know that keeping your family healthy and comfortable is your top priority. During this uncertain time, we are taking great care and extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of you and your family when we come into your house for an AC or indoor air quality service.

Currently all employees are wearing protective gear including gloves, masks, and booties on their shoes. Employees are required to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness, and the majority of our office staff is working remotely. You can rest assured that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure that we are doing our part to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Did you know that according to the EPA, indoor air quality in the United States is often 2 to 5 more times polluted than typical outdoor air? As Americans, we generally spend more time indoors than outdoors, where we can breathe this polluted air! Now that we are spending extra time inside, it is a good time to incorporate an air purifier into your home, as well as a thorough duct cleaning.

The air pollution inside your home generally falls into three categories: particulates (dust, pollen, etc.) biological infectious agents ( bacteria- streptococcus etc. & viral- influenza, SARS, coronavirus etc.) and chemical (smoke, toxic mold, etc.). Most common household air purifiers only capture the particulates which leaves the other two airborne contaminants to float through your home’s air untreated. At Super Heat & Air, we offer Warrior IAQ air purification products that purify all three contaminant types! These air purification systems work continuously in your central AC system to purify the air you and your family breathe with the use of UVC light that neutralizes biological and chemical contaminants.

The UV light in the Warrior IAQ line starts to kill airborne contaminants immediately and can sterilize around 90% of surface microbes in the first few minutes of use, and about 99.99% after the first 24 hours! Remember, not all air filters are created the same. Conventional HVAC filters capture large contaminants like bacteria, mold spores, dander, and dust. Warrior IAQ products neutralize fine particles like viruses, tobacco smoke, and other allergens.

The Warrior IAQ systems have made a life-changing difference within our own houses here are Super Heat and Air, and we want you to benefit from them as well! UV purification systems have been shown to reduce molds and pathogens, including viruses, that are found within the HVAC system and drain pan that just air filters alone can’t combat.

At Super Heat & Air our priority is to ensure that the air quality in your house is the best that it can be. Our duct cleaning services will remove indoor allergens like dust, pollen, mold, tobacco odors, and pests from your ducts. We use a roto brush that cleans your ducts to a hospital grade clean, and also incorporate antimicrobial sanitizing to ensure that the air that you are breathing is clean. Not only does a duct cleaning improve the air quality in your home, it will also help your air conditioner’s air flow which can equal lower electric bills!

We know how stressful this time has been, and we hope that we can help in a small way to ease some of the stress regarding the air quality in your home. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and want to help keep your family safe and healthy in this time of COVID-19. Our mission is to make sure your family is healthier, your electric bill is lower, and you’re as comfortable as can be – especially in your own home or office!

Now through 4/30/20 we are offering 20% off Warrior Carbon Air Purifiers and Warrior Carbon UV Filters. Give us a call at: (813) 279-8213 , or schedule a free consultation online today!

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