Cooling Efficiency

Not Efficient? Not Cool!

Newsflash: We live in Florida and we use our air conditioners, a lot! But as long as your air conditioner works, who cares about efficiency, right?

Well, when you get that ridiculously high electric bill from running an air conditioner with less than spectacular cooling efficiency, you will care! So what are you going to do? Are you going to keep paying high energy bills, or are you going to do something about it? When it comes to keeping Greater Tampa Bay cool, Super Heat & Air knows all about cooling efficiency and saving our customers money.

We want you to know about cooling efficiency too, so here are a few common causes of inefficient cooling:
Poor Maintenance

Aside from those few cool winter days we get to enjoy in Greater Tampa Bay (you know, those rare days when we can leave the windows open and enjoy Mother Nature’s breeze), we keep our air conditioners running all year long. Air conditioners, like cars, require regular maintenance and tune-ups. And like a car that you put a lot of mileage into, it leads to wear and tear over time. And (we’ll stop with the car analogy after this) air conditioners — like old cars that lose fuel efficiency over time without regular maintenance — lose energy efficiency over time. You get the point: maintenance is good!

Leaky Ducts

Duct, duct, goose! … Sorry, we know AC maintenance and repair is not fun, so we try to make these blog posts a little more interesting with a bad pun here and there. With that said, we’ll stop with the puns now and talk serious business. Because when it comes to efficient air conditioning, duct cleaning and maintenance is very serious business. Duct work needs to be kept in optimal condition. Otherwise it will lead to uneven cooling, which could then lead to your system having to work harder to cool affected areas. If your air ducts are not sealed correctly, obviously they will leak out air. And (at the risk of sounding redundant here), you know what that leads to: higher energy costs!

Wrong Size Unit

An undersized air conditioner may not cool a home properly. It sounds like common sense, right? But what about an oversized air conditioner? An oversized air conditioning system may cool a home or property too quickly. This could cause it to short cycle frequently, which means that the starting up and shutting down could lead to inefficient energy consumption. Too much of a good thing does exist. And too large of an air conditioning unit is a bad thing! So if you’re considering replacing your air conditioning unit because it is too large, be sure to give Super Heat & Air a call.

If the overall operational quality of your system is not up to par, you should consider replacing it with a newer system.

If you’re not sure whether your air conditioner is up to par in cooling efficiency, or if you want to have your unit’s energy efficiency rating checked, contact Super Heat & Air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stay cool Greater Tampa Bay! (813) 279-8213

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