A Cool Gift for Mother’s Day

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Mom. Mommy. Momma. Call her what you want to call her, but your mother is the woman who gave you life. And on Mother’s Day, it’s your day to show her some extra appreciation and love!
Coming up with an exciting Mother’s Day present is always a challenge. You want to get your mother and the mother of your children (if you have them) something special. And because you never want to give the same gift twice, each year it’s harder to come up with something new and exciting to show Mom appreciation on her special day.
Did you ever consider getting Mommy a new air conditioning system for her birthday? …
(Cricket. Cricket.) …
Ok, ok, hear us out for a second! Yes, we know an air conditioner is not your typical Mother’s Day present. But come on: you’ve already done the flowers thing more than once. You’ve done the dinner, the chocolates, the gift cards, the day at the spa and pretty much everything that everybody else has already done over the years!
We admit that giving a new air conditioning system as a Mother’s Day present is not typical. And it’s definitely not romantic either, but think about it for a second. …
(Cricket. Cricket.) …
Nothing? …
Ok, let us spell it out for you: A new air conditioning system will SAVE MOMMA MONEY. Lots of money! And yes, even Moms love to save money! You see (here comes our signature shameless plug) every new air conditioning system that Super Heat & Air installs is energy efficient and affordable.

Older AC’s typically have a low Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating. The SEER rating of an air conditioning unit, according to U.S. Department of Energy website Energy.gov, “indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output.” So if Mom’s air conditioning unit is several years old, it probably has a low SEER rating. And it’s probably consuming a lot of electricity too, which is costing her money!
Super Heat & Air installs brand new air conditioning units with a SEER rating of 15 or higher.
What that means is our AC units will save mommy lots of money! Not sure if your mom already has an energy efficient air conditioning unit? Besides asking your mom how old her air conditioner is, you can also check to see if it has the ENERGY STAR® label on it. If it doesn’t, your mom is paying way too much on energy bills! Every new air conditioner Super Heat & Air installs is up to code. And we ensure that Mom’s new AC unit will save her the most money possible every month on energy bills. So you’re not just saving momma money. With a new air conditioner installation from Super Heat & Air, you are providing the woman who gave you or your children birth the gift of comfort, as well as improving the quality of the indoor air they breathe!
So you just read this (entirely shameless plug of a) blog post and thought, “Nah, I can’t afford a new air conditioner for mom.” Well, think again! We have many affordable financing plans available for our customers with approved credit! (See the cleverly placed Zero Percent interest financing ad below this paragraph)

You can save those special mothers in your life some serious money by giving the gift of a brand new AC system with affordable financing and a huge discount from Super Heat & Air!
So there you have it, a nontraditional Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving for many years to come for that special mom in your life! Forget the chocolates, bypass the spa and put a stop to the flower shop!
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Call Super Heat & Air today. And (no disrespect to flower shops, restaurants, chocolatiers and spas) make sure your mom gets something REALLY special this Mother’s Day that could last her a lifetime! (813) 279-8213

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