We know that as a home or business owner, you have a multitude of HVAC companies to choose for AC maintenance, repairs, and installations. We believe that Super Heat & Air is the best choice for all your HVAC needs, and we’ll tell you why!

24/7 HVAC Service

Did you know that our technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week? This means that when your AC unit breaks down in the middle of the night, we are here to help! The best part? We don’t charge overtime! A lot of companies aren’t open on the weekends, and if they are, they’ll charge you an exorbitant price for overtime or coming out on the weekend. Not us! We are truly open 24/7 and are able to fix a broken AC in the middle of the night!

Superior Services

Here at Super Heat & Air, we offer free estimates, and free second opinions. Can you beat that? While the services that we offer are offered by many other companies, it is the quality of our service that sets us apart from the rest!

Services we offer:

  • AC Repair: We’ll ensure that you AC unit is working efficiently, and will thoroughly inspect it for any issues, no exceptions!
  • AC Installation: We employ some of the best air conditioning technicians that the Tampa Bay area has to offer!
  • AC Maintenance: We ensure that your AC is maintained so that it can operate at optimal efficiency when the summer months come along.
  • Duct Cleaning: Our duct cleaning services remove allergens from your home and the air you breathe. And unlike some AC companies, we offer antimicrobial sanitizing to ensure that your air is clean.
  • Emergency AC Service/Repair
  • We offer both residential and commercial service!

Skilled Technicians

Our skilled technicians (super heroes) don’t take a day off! All AC technicians have been background checked and are certified. We always arrive in a timely manner and are clean cut, approachable, and ready to help! We do not allow any smoking in or around your home, and always use floor savers so we don’t track dirt into your home. After you leave, you won’t even know that we were there (except that your AC will be blowing cool air!) We thoroughly clean up the space where we were working and make sure everything is in its place before calling it a day. After your AC service, if you have any questions, we are always a phone call, text, or email away to help! Remember, 24/7 service!

By the way, Once you’ve scheduled a heating or air conditioning repair service with Super Heat & Air, we’ll be at your home within one hour or your service is free!

Payments + Financing Options

Not all AC companies offer payments or financing, and we are happy to say that we do! As a customer of Super Heat & Air, you can enjoy 0% interest financing, and monthly payments as low as $49/month.

Super Heat & Air is proud to be recognized as a HomeAdvisor Top-Rated Professional HVAC Contractor, and Elite Service Professional. Additionally, our exceptional products and services have met top-level standards, distinguishing Super Heat & Air as a Rheem Pro Partner and Trane Comfort Specialist.

Ultimately, as a family owned and operated company, we take pride in our AC repair services and have earned our reputation as one of Tampa Bay’s most reliable and trusted heating and air conditioning repair companies. We understand the importance of keeping your family as healthy and comfortable as possible and are thankful for all of our customers!

Is your AC unit coming due for its seasonal maintenance? Did it break down in the middle of a hot Florida day? Call Super Heat & Air at 813-543-6118 or visit us online at www.superheatandair.com to schedule an appointment today!

Bringing Comfort Back to Collier County Residents


Hurricane Irma struck Florida last year, and she left a path of destruction in her wake. That happened in September, and Collier County was one of the hardest hit areas in Florida. Collier is still recovering from the disaster even today.


Helping Florida Recover

We’ll give our friends at SMART Efficient Solutions a mention here. They’re still helping homeowners in Collier County and other counties affected by Hurricane Irma recover from the disaster. SMART Efficient Solutions does a great job of helping people in the affected Florida counties with roofing and hurricane damage claim assistance and recovery. Visit their website for more information.



Super Heat & Air was called upon to help some Collier County residents get their air conditioners working again. You read that correctly. There are people in Collier County still without air conditioning 5 months after Hurricane Irma. It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true.


The force of the Category 5 Irma was so powerful it knocked out rooftop air conditioning units for an entire apartment complex! So we went down to Naples, Florida last week to help get them back to normal. Super Heat & Air installed 88 air conditioning units to the affected apartment complex. Air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. So we brought comfort back to those residents who have spent all of these months without air conditioning.


We Got This

There’s no commercial or residential air conditioning job we can’t handle. We work beyond Greater Tampa Bay when we’re called upon. So if you have a big commercial or residential air conditioning installation job, let us take care of that for you!


air conditioner installation


Big or small, we can handle it all! Call us anytime at 813-609-5015 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


Bye Bye R-22!!


The time has come to replace your old refrigerant. In other words, if your air conditioner runs on R22 (or R-22) refrigerant, your time is running out!


The environmentally safer, EPA-compliant R410A refrigerant is the new standard and the R22 phase-out has begun. If your air conditioning system runs on R22 refrigerant, you will be forced to refit or replace it by 2020. And by “forced” we mean R22 refrigerant will no longer be available. That means no air conditioning company (including us) will replace your air conditioner’s R22 refrigerant, because we won’t be able to!


Freon is Gone!

R22 refrigerant is more commonly known as freon. And it was once the standard refrigerant for air conditioning systems across the country. But times have changed, and now R22 is considered obsolete. Unless you’ve been hibernating or in a coma for the last several years, you know the change to energy efficiency is taking hold across the country, and the world! Production on R-22 refrigerant or freon is projected to cease for good by December 2019. If you don’t believe it, just look it up under section 608 of the Clean Air Act, as ordered by the EPA. It’s going to be phased out completely by the end of this decade. And you need to be ready for that. So what should you do?


Call a Professional

Of course the first thing we’re going to do is shamelessly plug Super Heat & Air and tell you to call us at 813-609-5015! But here’s what you really need to know. Now that R-22 will no longer be available, the price of whatever remains of it will significantly rise. So the closer we are to the date of its phase-out, the more expensive it will become to obtain whatever’s left of it! You don’t want to wait for that to happen. That’s because you may find yourself without air conditioning and with nobody who could help you when it’s gone. Or you can find yourself paying a stupid amount of money to get the obsolete R22 refrigerant syphoned out of old AC systems when it’s no longer produced.



Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Why wait? The new standard of refrigerant is now R-410A. Since 2010, new AC systems are manufactured to run on R410-A refrigerant. Not only is it more widely available and affordable than R-22, but it’s also better for the environment. And it’s considered safer for you. You might not want to get your whole AC system replaced just yet, and we understand that. So we encourage you to call us at 813-609-5015 to discuss your options. There’s also another type of refrigerant you can ask us about called R407-C, which could be an alternative, depending on your system.


Make the Change to Energy Efficiency

We will say that new AC systems are manufactured to be a lot more energy efficient than older systems that run on R-22. So even if you do have to spring for a new AC system, you’ll get a high return on investment with a new energy efficient model. If your system runs on R-22, it’s probably costing you more on energy bills than the price of getting a new system anyway! And we (shameless plug again) have great financing options available to suit your budget! We also encourage you to ask us about a fantastic financing option called PACE.


rheem air conditioner special


If your AC system is running on R-22 and you’re ready to have it retrofitted or replaced, call us at 813-609-5015 today!


We did it again!


Home Advisor Best Of 2017 Award WinnerSuper Heat & Air just earned the Home Advisor Best of 2017 Winner  badge!


Well isn’t that something? For the 2nd consecutive year, Super Heat & Air has won Home Advisor’s prestigious “Best of” award for outstanding customer service and reviews!


That means we have proven ourselves once again to be one of the best air conditioning companies the Greater Tampa Bay area has to offer!


Super Heat & Air would like to thank our customers for continuing to send positive reviews our way. And not just on Home Advisor, but on Facebook, Google and more! We tip our hats off to you, Greater Tampa Bay! Without you, our customers, there is no us!


The team at Super Heat & Air has really stepped up its game in 2017. With new General Manager Jeffrey Canto on board, as well as our team of superstar technicians, installers, sales and customer service representatives, we truly have the A Team of air conditioning service in Greater Tampa Bay! And who can forget company owner Denis Nuhic, who makes sure his company delivers nothing but the best in air conditioning service!



What Now?

So where do we go from here? … We keep on kicking butt, of course! Super Heat & Air has only been around for a couple of years. But in that short time, we have consistently delivered and will continue to do so. And we’ll continue to grow! We love Greater Tampa Bay! And we believe our people deserve better. So we’ll continue doing what we do best: providing an air conditioning service like no other. And we’ll do it as we always have: with pride, precision and professionalism. Let’s not forget respect!


As we mentioned before, without you there is no us! And we’ll use this cliche once again:  Our business is built on trust. That’s what this Home Advisor Best of 2017 badge represents. Your trust in us. A trust we will continue to build on and uphold when you need us. Because we need you! And we thank you!


Call us anytime, 24/7 at 813-609-5015. Give us the honor and the privilege to continue to impress you.


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