Broken Air Conditioner: Don’t Lose Your Cool!

Don’t lose your cool if you think you have a broken air conditioner. AC units that don’t get regular maintenance do strange things when they start aging. Maybe they start blowing hot air. Maybe strange noises start coming out of the air vents. Maybe the thermostat starts behaving oddly. Maybe it’s time to call Super Heat & Air! Who knows?

Step 1: Don’t Panic!
Panicking never helps. So now you’re freaking out because you think you have a broken air conditioner. Before you do anything, the first step is not to panic. When your air conditioner breaks or is not working properly, of course we want you to call Super Heat & Air for us to check it out and fix it for you. But we want you to know there are certain steps you can take before you call us or (not that you should) any other air conditioning company.
Here are some things you can do to check if your broken air conditioner is actually broken before scheduling an inspection
Look at your ‘Stat
It could be the thermostat. Unless you live alone, it’s likely more than one set of hands adjusts the thermostat in your home to satisfy their comfort level. So if your air conditioner’s thermostat gets constantly adjusted, the wrong program settings can cause your home to cool down or heat up too much. Check your thermostat to see what temperature has been set. Also check to see if it’s set on Heat or Cool. Sometimes when people try switching to Auto, they accidentally push the button too low or too high. This could mean somebody switched it to Heat without realizing it.
Also check the batteries on the thermostat. Worn out batteries can cause the thermostat to function erratically or cause the settings to not work correctly.
Flip the Switch
Breaker, not broken. You must have a broken air conditioner if it’s not turning on, right? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes there’s a mystery involved. It’s called the circuit breaker switch, which seems to have the ability to turn itself off on its own. No, your house is not haunted (at least we hope it’s not). Circuit breakers often trip on their own. We can’t explain it, but it’s actually a common occurrence. So if your air conditioner seems like it’s not working at all, check to make sure your circuit breaker isn’t in the Off position. And if it is, switch it back On to see if that fires up your AC again.

Find your Filter
Something so simple, yet so problematic. Do you feel like the air in your home just isn’t flowing properly? It could be something as simple as a clogged air filter, which can slow down the way your system runs. Checking and replacing the air filter is easy. Just pull it out and check if it looks dirty. And if it does, don’t worry: air filters are cheap to replace. Be sure to take the old air filter with you to the store or write down which kind  your unit uses if you’re not sure which one to buy. And if changing the air filter doesn’t help, you may have dirt and debris built up in your air ducts, which need to be cleaned by a professional. (By the way, we offer a $100 discount on air duct cleaning service. Just sayin’).
Speaking of Ducts

Check them out. If you can access your air ducts — which may be found in your attic or in a crawl space under your house — check them for leaks. Leaky ducts can cause loss of airflow. So you might think your AC is broken when it’s really just a duct problem. Also keep an eye out for loose insulation. Some critters, especially rats, use insulation material for nesting. Check your ducts for holes and make sure you don’t disturb any rodents or other creatures that may be nesting in them while you’re inspecting. If you come across an angry squirrel, raccoon, possum or any other potentially rabid creature protecting a nest in your insulation, call animal control immediately!
Observe and Inspect
Have your notes ready for us. If none of the above suggestions work, then it’s time to call Super Heat & Air to schedule an inspection. But before you do, make notes about your observations and have them ready for when one of our ace AC technician arrives.
Is your air conditioner blowing hot air? Is it turning on and shutting off immediately? Are you hearing any strange noises? Have you noticed any drafty areas in your house? Jot down any observations you have to provide to our expert AC technicians before scheduling an inspection.
You already know living in Florida without air conditioning sucks. But don’t lose your cool! If your AC system is broken, remember you can call Super Heat & Air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule an emergency AC inspection and repair. (813) 279-8213

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