Broken AC: What Not to Do

“Hold on little girl. A broken AC can’t be that bad.” …
Ok, enough with the old-school Mr. Big song lyrics. Let’s get down to business. Sometime ago we covered what to do when your AC breaks, and the first thing we said was to not panic.
With that said, we’ll repeat it again:
If your AC breaks, don’t panic! Here are some other things we recommend you DON’T do if your AC breaks:
Don’t Stay Home
Here’s a thought: while the AC is broken, go out! While you wait for an AC technician to fix your air conditioning system, leave your hot home during the day. Enjoy the outdoors! Play outside; swim at the pool; go eat at a restaurant; visit family or friends! Come on, you can do without “Netflix and chill” for a day or two, can’t you? With a broken AC, the “chill” part is out anyway, right? Enjoy some time away from home until an AC technician can arrive to fix your broken air conditioner.
Don’t Use Heat-Generating Devices
Appliances and electronics big and small generate heat. If your air conditioner is broken and will take some time to get fixed, avoid using heat-generating appliances. Instead of using the stove or oven to cook, try using an outdoor grill instead. Avoid using the washer and dryer and the dishwasher too. Turn off all lights when not in use. Turn off and unplug any electronics such as computers and the TV. You get the picture: if your AC is broken, limit or stop use of any heat-generating devices.
Don’t Open your Freezer
Yes, people actually do this. Seems kind of desperate to think people would keep their freezers open while having a broken AC, but we’ve heard of it happening! For one thing, think about the groceries you’d be wasting if you leave your freezer door open. Melting away money is what you’re doing! The bottom line is freezers aren’t meant to stay open long. Stuff will melt and dripping water can short out your fan or create puddles. That’s a bad thing. You know, cause people can slip or electric shocks from nearby wet electronics can occur. Don’t open your freezer while you wait for an AC technician to come fix your system. Instead, consider purchasing a portable air conditioning unit.
Don’t Beat on your Unit

(Huh-huh, huh-huh) That headline sounds kind of dirty, but when stuff breaks, people tend to beat on the broken machine in question. You’ve probably seen it in movies when a device breaks and a character will hit it to make it work again. But that only works in movies. Kicking, punching or hammering your air conditioning unit is not going to work in real life! Don’t punch the thermostat either! Check to make sure it’s set properly. We get it, you’re hot and you’re frustrated, but beating up on your broken AC unit won’t make it work again. And you can end up breaking it or breaking yourself, so put the hammer down, take a deep breath and call us instead!

Don’t Tape Stuff Back Together
Speaking of movies, remember “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? With the old man that felt like Windex could cure anything? That kinda happens with duct tape too. People think duct tape has miraculous repair powers. Newsflash: it doesn’t! Sure, you may be able to slow down a leak or hold something together with tape, but it’s only a temporary fix. We’ve seen duct taped fans, lines, pipes and other parts in the past from stubborn folk who didn’t want to call a professional. We’ve even seen duct-taped ducts too! (Oy!) But there’s a reason we’ve seen these things: because the culprit ended up calling us anyway!
Dude seriously, don’t try to fix your AC by taping stuff together: call us instead!
Don’t Open Your Windows on Hot Days
You might be tempted to crack open your windows if your AC breaks on a hot day, but don’t. You’re just letting more heat into your home and making things worse. Keep windows, doors, blinds and drapes closed when your AC is not working on hot days. Again, we recommend buying a portable AC unit or two as a temporary solution. Ceiling fans and floor fans are not meant to cool a room. They’re meant to cool off your body. So we recommend using them while you have a broken AC. Also stay hydrated until a technician arrives to fix your AC, but don’t open windows unless it’s breezy outside.
Don’t Get Mad at Us!
This goes hand-in hand with “don’t panic,” but when you call us, be calm. We get it: it’s hot, you’re sweating and you just want your damn AC to work again. However, getting mad and yelling at us on the phone isn’t going to help your case. When you call us or any AC professional, (pun intended)don’t lose your cool! We need you to calmly explain the problem on the phone so we can schedule your appointment and prepare for it.
Plus, if you call and yell at us and say something like “my (expletive) AC isn’t working and you need to come now!,” it will take us longer to get to you. Not because we’re trying to stick it to you for being rude, but because in your heated expletive-laden tirade, you’re not helping us get your correct information. The calmer you are, the better you can provide us the information we need to help you out!
Don’t Think We’re Neglecting You
The hottest days are the busiest days for air conditioning companies. We’re in Florida and during the hot months we get slammed with phone calls all day long. With so much activity going on, all AC companies are busy and we may not be able to get to you right away. There may be others who have scheduled appointments ahead of you, so be patient. It’s also a good idea to get a maintenance membership from Super Heat & Air. With it, you get 2 annual maintenance services and free tune-ups all year long! Having our maintenance membership gets you priority service, and with 2 free annual maintenances and free tune-ups all year long, your AC may never have to break!
Don’t Rush to Hire Someone
We obviously want you to hire us if your AC system breaks down (duh!). But like we mentioned before, during hot days all AC companies are slammed with appointments. We may or may not be able to get to you before another company can. So if we can’t get to you fast enough, don’t rush to hire the first company that’s available. Do your research first! (Again, don’t panic!). Take your time and look up companies online.
Obviously (shameless plug alert) Super Heat & Air is the best AC company in Greater Tampa Bay. But if we have too many scheduled appointments ahead of you and can’t get to you as fast as you want, be patient. Research local AC companies before you hire one. Don’t hire just anyone because they’re readily available. Check online reviews and ask around before you hire any air conditioning company, including us. (We’re confident about our reputation, so we’re not afraid to tell you to do your research on us too).
Don’t Replace the Refrigerant
When an air conditioner breaks, people often think it might just be low on refrigerant. Some may also think replacing refrigerant is an easy job. After all, you’ve replaced the refrigerant in your car before, so how hard can it be, right? Well, air conditioning systems are a much different animal than cars! And you should never try to replace the refrigerant in your AC system yourself!
There are signs of low refrigerant such as ice building up inside the AC unit and lukewarm air blowing during the day. But if you see the signs of low refrigerant, don’t be a hero and try to change it yourself! Refrigerant for air conditioning systems should only be handled by licensed and trained professionals. You know, like the technicians at Super Heat & Air (boom)! Don’t try this at home, kids. Let us be the heroes and save your day!
Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself
Seriously, don’t try to fix a broken AC yourself! Unless you’re a trained HVAC professional, you have no business taking your AC apart to try to fix the problem. Whether you hire us or somebody else (why would you hire anyone else?), don’t assume the AC technician will take too long to get there. Patience grasshopper. Patience.
Super Heat & Air will have somebody there in an hour or you get 25% off your service (cough cough, watch the video). But whether we or anybody takes more than an hour, it’s not worth trying to take apart your AC and attempting to fix it. You could end up injuring yourself or damaging components, which could cost you even more money down the line. So just be patient and wait for help to arrive. You dig?

So now that you know what NOT to do when you have a broken AC, you should already know what to do when you do. Call us at (813) 279-8213 and we’ll fix it for you!

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