Air Conditioning Business: Staying Competitive

They’re Everywhere!
Air conditioning companies seem to sprout up out of nowhere every day in Florida. Even Super Heat & Air “sprouted up” seemingly out of nowhere in 2015. In Greater Tampa Bay — the place we proudly serve and call home — it seems like a new air conditioning company pops up every time it rains! It’s like you “just add water” and boom: another air conditioning business is born!
The reason so many air conditioning companies pop up out of nowhere is simple: we live in a hot state and the demand is always there! The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or HVAC business in Florida is profitable for most. But not all HVAC businesses survive. And the goal of any air conditioning business is not just to survive, but to thrive! In such a competitive, oversaturated and cutthroat industry, how does one do that?
Learning from Past Mistakes: Employee Satisfaction
Air conditioning companies in Greater Tampa Bay are like sports teams. They’re often comprised of employees who were “traded” from another team, so to speak. It’s not uncommon for a new air conditioning business to “raid the rosters” of existing companies to get their “starting lineup” going. In other words, they recruit employees who worked at competing air conditioning companies in Greater Tampa Bay.
Super Heat & Air owner Denis Nuhic worked for some of our competitors before starting his own company. And he took some of our competitors’ best players with him. Yes, it’s a cutthroat tactic among AC companies to raid each other’s rosters. But you have to ask yourself why so many of our competitors’ former employees decided to come on board with us in the first place. This is where learning from past mistakes comes into play.
The reason so many of our staff members have jumped ship and stayed with us is employee satisfaction. Part of Denis’s strategy when founding Super Heat & Air was not to repeat the same mistakes of his past employers. And that includes keeping his staff happy. We’ve heard some real horror stories around the office about what some of our employees had to endure when working with some of our competitors. So Denis sought to make sure his employees would never have to experience those horrors again. And as we’ve mentioned in the past:
Happy Staff = Happy Customers.Happy Customers = Repeat Referrals.Repeat Referrals = Successful Business!
Learning from Past Mistakes: Customer Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction contributes greatly to customer satisfaction. But there’s more to it than that. Much like the horror stories that employees have endured from our competitors in the past, there are horror stories our customers endured from them as well. One of the main reasons Super Heat & Air continues to thrive is because it was founded with the mentality of not repeating the same mistakes other AC companies make. We’ll just put it bluntly here: we don’t believe customers should ever get “screwed over.”
Are Super Heat & Air’s rates the cheapest? Not always. Do we get a less-than-favorable review once in awhile? Unfortunately, yes. But do we have a plethora of outstanding reviews; word-of-mouth referrals; and a hands-on company owner who is actually involved in the day-to-day operations? Absolutely!

When we get that rare less-than-stellar review or unsatisfied customer, Denis Nuhic will personally get on the phone and do everything in his power to turn them around. If that means he has to go out to the customer’s home and make things right, then that’s what he’ll do! How many company owners actually put in the extra miles to personally visit a customer for ensuring customer satisfaction?
Follow Up and Follow Through
Denis and the rest of the Super Heat & Air staff follow up and follow through to protect the positive reputation we worked hard to earn. Does a bad review always get taken down after the customer is satisfied? Not always. You can’t please everybody all the time. But we make damn sure we do everything in our power to try to make things right for every customer we serve! And that’s why for every rare bad review we’ve gotten, there are countless more outstanding reviews to back our stellar reputation up!
Weed Out the Weak
Weak links are not welcome here. It sounds terrible, we know. But we’ll be honest here: if an employee isn’t cutting it, that employee gets cut, period! Super Heat & Air doesn’t keep anybody on staff who isn’t performing up to our standards of excellence. And the staff members we do keep are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Our technicians are highly trained professionals. And when the business evolves, they have to evolve with it. That means learning about all of the ever-changing HVAC technologies available on the market. And they stay up-to-date with new products, regulations, licenses, certifications, codes, etc. No exceptions! So if any member of our staff is not committed to the business, they’re shown the door. Those weak links can go work for our competitors (and they often do!).
Hire HVAC Veterans
As we mentioned before, “raiding the rosters” of competitors is a cutthroat but standard practice of the air conditioning business. However, to be successful in the air conditioning business or any business you need to have seasoned veterans as part of your staff.  Super Heat & Air has technicians and administrative personnel on the payroll that have been in the air conditioning business for years and in some cases even decades. Many of our techs worked side-by-side with Denis at other companies in the past. And he brought them onboard because he knew they are some of the best AC professionals in the Greater Tampa Bay area!
Having reliable, knowledgeable seasoned veterans on our staff is also invaluable to helping train rookies. By passing on their knowledge, experience and expertise to fresh HVAC faces learning the business, you create new HVAC experts that will be ready when the veterans pass the torch. Our mix of seasoned HVAC experts and hungry-to-become-the-best newcomers make Super Heat & Air’s team one of the best Greater Tampa Bay has to offer! And again, if they aren’t cutting it here, they can go work for the hundreds of cookie-cutter competitors out there (good luck with that)!
Super Heat & Air stays competitive by succeeding where other companies fail. So call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need air conditioning service in the Greater Tampa Bay area. See you soon!

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