Air Conditioner Rain Protection

No Rain, No Pain!
Summertime is coming. YAY! That means beach, barbecues and beer, right? Well, unfortunately, that also means hurricane season and lots of rain for Greater Tampa Bay!
We all know weather forecasts have been wrong in the past. But whether the weather is bringing rain to Greater Tampa Bay this summer or not, a common concern for homeowners is air conditioner rain protection. It’s a valid concern and a frequently asked question with all the heavy rain that happens around here. But really, your AC system will be fine outside in a rainstorm for the most part.

Today’s HVAC units are designed so that the elements like water and precipitation cannot damage the interior parts that keep them functioning. However, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to rain protection for AC units:
People seeking to protect their air conditioning units might seize the tarp and throw it over their outdoor AC unit to shield it from rain damage. However, putting a plastic or rubber tarp over your air conditioning unit during a rain storm may cause more harm than good. That’s because tarps can trap moisture and actually cause your outdoor unit (also known as the condenser) to rust or gather mold and mildew. So when it’s raining outside, leave the tarp alone.
If you still feel like covering up your unit for air conditioner rain protection, most manufacturers offer custom covers made with breathable material to give you peace of mind.
Rock You Like a Hurricane
So rain alone will probably not do any harm to your air conditioning unit. But what about severe weather storms? This is Florida, and we do get hit with hurricanes, tropical storms and sometimes even tornadoes. So in this case, there is cause for concern. Here are some ways you can keep your air conditioning unit protected during severe weather:
Identify Flying Objects
Storms can make stuff fly around outside. Any objects such as patio furniture, toys or scraps can become flying kamikaze objects that could strike your AC unit and cause serious damage. Be sure to clear away any objects or debris such as tree branches that can slam or fly into your air conditioner.
Hurricane-Proof your AC
You can purchase hurricane straps to protect your AC unit during … um  … hurricanes, of course! And because no Super Heat & Air blog post would be complete without a shameless plug, we would like to mention that every air conditioning unit Super Heat & Air installs comes with hurricane anchors to hold it to the ground.
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Back it Up Back It In, Let Me Begin
Yeah, we just threw in a little old-school hip-hop on that heading for fun. But seriously, you should invest in a backup generator. When severe weather happens, the power can go out. And we’re in Greater Tampa Bay, which can get hot. Very hot! And muggy. And humid. And … oh hell, you get the point, you live here! You know what it’s like. Having no power and no working AC in your home will not be a pleasant experience, especially if you’re stuck inside during a severe rainstorm. A backup generator is a wise investment to keep your air conditioner running during a power outage.
Flood Failure
Air conditioning units are built to be tough. But regardless, an outdoor condenser submerged underwater could sustain serious, permanent damage. There’s not a whole lot you can do on your own to protect your AC units from a flood, but that’s where we come in! Let’s hope it never happens, but in case your condenser unit finds itself underwater, Super Heat & Air will come out and check the damage for you. We’ll make sure your air conditioner is back up and running in no time!

Don’t let rain damage your AC and ruin your summer! If you need help with air conditioner rain protection or have an air conditioner emergency, give Super Heat & Air a call. (813) 279-8213

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