AC Tips: Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

In most cases you would think that you should go with the bigger, more expensive option if you want the best quality product. With that logic, it’s understandable why people would end up with air conditioning units that are considered too large for their home or commercial building. How can you tell if your AC unit is oversized, and what are the consequences? Your friends at Super Heat & Air are here to shine some light on this common issue and what you can do to create an efficient environment.

What You Actually Need

A term that we use in our industry is “load calculation” which refers to the amount of air intake that your home is capable of handling in comparison to the AC unit that can efficiently meet that quota without going under or over that limit. If your AC unit is too big for your room or building, it will overwork itself causing parts to wear down and break much sooner than it’s expected to. This occurrence is more commonly referred to as “short cycling” and it’s definitely something that you want to avoid.

How To Tell If Your AC Is Too Big

There’s more than one sign to an oversized HVAC, all of which can be damaging to the unit and your wallet. Here are all of the ways to tell if it’s time to start looking for a smaller air conditioner:

Shorter cooling cycles. A healthy running cycle for an average HVAC unit is on for ten minutes, off for ten minutes. If your air conditioner doesn’t run for a full ten minutes and goes through more than three cycles in one hour, it is being overworked.
Inconsistent temperatures. Since an overworked AC unit doesn’t run long enough to maintain a cool temperature, you may notice that certain spots of the room are either warmer or cooler than the rest of the area.
Too much noise. A loud HVAC is a clear sign that it’s pushing itself too hard to meet its quota. While it’s normal to hear your air conditioner as it’s running, it should never be loud enough to where you can’t hear your television set.
Reasons to Switch Out Your Oversized HVAC

You’ve reviewed the signs and determined that your HVAC is definitely too large for your needs. But why should you go through with completely changing it out? What’s the worst that could happen if you let things be? There are many more benefits that come with having an air conditioner that’s more suitable to the size of your home such as:

Saving on your energy bill. Turning on and off an excessive amount of times throughout the day uses up a lot of energy which will reflect on your electric bill. By opting out for an air conditioner that’s a more appropriate size, you’ll be saving more money.
Preventing mold formation. Since oversized AC units don’t properly heat the building, mold can grow from the humidity left behind. Mold can pose a serious threat to your health especially if you breathe it in.
Being more comfortable. You’ll be thankful to have a home with a properly-controlled temperature during extreme weather, especially in Florida where protection from the blistering heat can feel like a matter of life and death.
Taking in the blissful quiet. You won’t miss the loud, grating noise of your oversized air conditioner while you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee on a bright, peaceful morning.
Where to Get Your New AC Unit

Who can you trust to accurately evaluate your home and suggest the most efficient HVAC which will save you money in the long run? Super Heat & Air is the best place in Tampa for guaranteed satisfaction! Call us today at (813) 279-8213 to receive an estimate and information on our payment plans and subscriptions for even more savings.

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