AC Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Home’s Expenses

Now more than ever, you are probably looking for ways to cut costs. Have you considered your energy bills? During the summer months, a significant part of your energy bill’s cost is from running your air conditioner nonstop.

When your HVAC system is operating this much, it is no surprise that your energy costs are going to increase! But there might also be some cooling mistakes that you are making that could be making things worse.

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AC Mistakes That Could Be Raising Your Energy Costs

Are you making these mistakes?

#1. Not Changing Your AC Filter

The air that passes through the ducts in your home must first go through an air filter. Homeowners often forget to change their filters for months at a time, when they should be changing them every 30-60 days.

The air filter works to prevent airborne allergens like dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other particles from circulating throughout your home. When the air filter isn’t changed when it needs to or is clogged with pollutants, air can’t easily pass through causing your AC system to work harder to move air. This extra strain on your air conditioner can cause premature wear and tear and higher energy costs due to a loss in efficiency.

#2. Not Scheduling Seasonal Maintenance

We recommend having your air conditioner inspected by a professional technician at least once per season. During a maintenance visit, our skilled technicians at Super Heat & Air will clean the components and inspect all of your AC’s internal parts. We can often catch many potential problems that lead to breakdowns early.

We will also ensure that your system is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. But if you fail to schedule maintenance, your AC could be running with an underlying issue that is costing you on your energy bills.

#3. Using an AC That isn’t “Just Right” for Your Space

If your AC is either too large or too small for your space, it is not going to operate efficiently as it would if it was properly sized. An air conditioner that is too large wastes a significant amount of energy, and one that is too small will run non-stop to try and keep up with the cooling demands of your house.

This is why it is crucial to work with an HVAC professional if you are considering a replacement. Our team at Super Heat & Air will ensure that your unit is “just right” for your cooling needs based on the size of your home.

#4. Not Acting on Warning Signs

If you have begun to notice your AC making odd noises like clanking, banging, or rattling, don’t ignore it! You may think that these noises are annoying, or just the sounds your unit makes when it’s running.

These could actually be an indication that one of your unit’s internal components is malfunctioning or has become disconnected. This means that it needs to be addressed immediately before any damage is done.

These sounds could also mean that your air conditioner is not operating as efficiently as it once did, causing an increase in your repair fees and energy bills.

#5. Cranking Down the Temperature

One unfortunate myth that many homeowners believe is that if they turn the temperature down on their thermostat by several degrees that their space will cool faster. This is not true!

Turning down the temperature is NOT going to cool your home any faster. Also, many people often forget to turn it back up once their home has reached its optimal temperature. This can also cause skyrocketing energy costs.

Avoid These Mistakes

If you want to avoid these mistakes, make sure to give Super Heat & Air a call for seasonal HVAC maintenance and the installation of smart thermostats or properly sized HVAC units. We will ensure that your system is running efficiently so you can save on energy costs year-round! (813) 279-8213

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