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ABC Action News met with Super Heat & Air’s very own Dan Weeks’ and gave News Anchor James Tully some expert advice as Tampa temperatures begin cooling off.

Read the full article by James Tully below,

TAMPA, Fla. — Now is the time to do some maintenance on your air conditioner as temperatures are cooling off.

There are things you can do yourself to avoid calling a technician. But ABC Action News Anchor James Tully reached out to Dan Weeks with Super Heat and Air for some expert advice.

The first thing that should be replaced is air filters. Weeks and many other technicians suggest replacing your filter once a month, especially if you have pets.

“Another great way to make sure that you’re getting the right airflow in your home and that the air is clean is take your smartphone out, put it up underneath in the slot, and videotape it,“ explained Weeks.

To clean that, Weeks said to put a little vinegar and water in a pump sprayer. This helps you avoid the possibility of any damage to the components.

Another recommendation is flushing your AC system. This is something Weeks said you should do every 30 days because if there is buildup, it could cause your unit to fail.

Your AC unit also has what is called a clean-out valve. Weeks told ABC Action News that if you see any liquid when you remove that cap, a shop vac will be required.

You get rid of the liquid and remove the float switch, which should be right next to the clean-out valve. Then Weeks said to pour about half a bottle of vinegar down and attach the shop vac to the end of your drain line.

“Leave it running as we head back inside to our air handler and see if we can hear the air being pulled so that we know our drain line is clear,” explained Weeks.

If you don’t hear the air, Weeks says you should then pour more vinegar down the line.

Another important note is to make sure you turn off your air conditioner before doing any of this work.

**Editorial note: ABC Action News anchor James Tully paid for this service with his own money. But wanted to have the experts show him what to do so he could show viewers how to service their AC unit themselves.

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