6 Tips for Making Sure Your AC Duct Isn’t Leaking

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Did you know that the air ducts in your home ensure that your home is cool and comfortable throughout the summer and warm in the winter? But what happens if one of the ducts starts to leak?

Without a functioning air duct system, your home will quickly morph from a cool and comfortable space into a sauna.

Here are six ways that you can tell if your AC ducts are leaking from our HVAC pros at Super Heat & Air!

What Happens if I Ignore an Air Duct Leak?

When water pipes leak, they can cause extensive water damage and mold that can cause thousands of dollars to remediate.

The good news? Air ducts carry air. A little extra air isn’t going to cause property damage or affect the integrity of your home, but it can cause your energy bills to rise and make your system work harder to reach and maintain a consistent temperature.

A small air leak in your ducts can become a bigger problem if not taken care of, so it is essential to find them before it gets to that point.

Here are six ways to check for AC duct leaks:

#1. Take a Look 

Air ducts are hidden throughout your home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t inspect them. Climb to where your ducts are and look at each section for any visible gaps, disconnections, or tears.

And keep an eye out for duct tape. You’d think that using duct tape on your ducts is normal, but duct tape is a sign of a rushed repair job. If you see duct tape, inspect the area because the leak that it is covering is likely still present.

Climbing up to inspect your ducts not for you? Don’t worry! That’s what our team at Super Heat & Air is here for! Give us a call for an air duct inspection today! 

#2. Turn Your HVAC System On 

Your HVAC system should have a fan-only mode. This will pump air through your ductwork without heating or cooling and make it easier to detect leaks. Inspect your ductwork slowly by placing your hand over the duct to feel for escaping air.

Because some leaks can be as small as a pinprick and not visible, you may want to bring a piece of string or a sheet of paper to test with. Dangle the string or paper over the duct. If it starts to flutter, you’ve found the leak!

#3. Check the Temperature 

A properly functioning AC system will efficiently maintain your home’s airflow, ensuring that every room is approximately the same even temperature. By checking the temperature in every room of your home, you can identify if there are any warm or cool spots.

In rooms that are colder than average, there is a change of a leak in the air ducts, which is allowing more cold air to enter. Warm rooms can signal that air is not getting into that room, indicating a leak or blockage.

#4. Pay Attention to Your AC 

For many homeowners, the dull humming of the AC turning on and off is just part of life. It’s something that most of us tune out, but the problem is, we often don’t realize how often our units are turning on.

Don’t ignore it. Actively pay attention to:

  • How often the system turns on
  • How long it stays on

During the summer months, an AC cycle should last for 15 to 20 minutes, which is often enough time to make your home comfortable.

A lengthy AC cycle may indicate a problem with your AC unit or a leak in your air ducts.

#5. Check for Dust 

It is normal for every home to have a little dust in it. While there is no reason to think your ducts are leaking if you see a normal amount of dust, leaky air ducts will make your home significantly dustier than usual.

Are you dusting every week to keep the dust under control around your home? This could indicate an issue. And this isn’t just annoying, it can also harm your health, especially if you suffer from allergies. 

#6. AC Repairs 

It is good practice as a homeowner to have HVAC systems tuned up at least one to two times a year to keep them working efficiently. But if that maintenance visit always ends up with needing a belt, fa, or motor replacement, it is a sign that your system is prematurely aging, and this could be due to leaky or clogged air ducts.

HVAC systems are designed to have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years if they are maintained properly. But if your ducts are leaking, your unit will have to work harder and more often to keep your home comfortable, shortening its lifespan and thus requiring more maintenance.

Schedule an Air Duct Inspection

If you think there is a chance that your air ducts could be leaking, it’s time to call in our experts at Super Heat & Air! We’re pros at dealing with air duct problems and know how to keep your entire HVAC system working efficiently year-round.

Give us a call for an air duct inspection or HVAC maintenance today at (813) 355-0288!

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