6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying A Smart Thermostat

In the era where smart devices are the norm, and convenience is king, it is no wonder that so many people are turning to smart thermostats for their home comfort. These thermostats enable homeowners to control their HVAC systems remotely via a smart device. Plus, they provide insight into your heating and cooling habits and energy usage.

But before you run out and buy a smart thermostat, there are a few things that you should know. Our HVAC pros at Super Heat & Air discuss.

#1. Smart Thermostats Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

While smart thermostats are quite convenient, one of their biggest benefits is their ability to help you conserve energy. They can help you save on energy costs in two ways:

They can monitor and control the temperature remotely
And on select models, they can learn user behavior and adjust settings accordingly

Both capabilities help ensure that your HVAC system won’t be running unnecessarily when no one is around. If installed and used correctly, smart thermostats can help you save as much as 25% on your utility bills.

#2. Smart Thermostats Offer Advanced Climate Controls

In general, the word “smart” refers to a device’s ability to connect with other Wi-Fi-powered devices. Smart thermostats are smartly designed and made for seamless intuitive operation.

Some smart thermostats can sense when a room is occupied, then tweak the temperature to keep everyone comfortable. Others know when you are on your way home due to GPS-based geofencing capabilities and can adjust the temperature in your home, so it is comfortable once you arrive.

Then there are others that learn your habits with room sensors and can begin automatically adjusting the temperature in your home based on your preferences. You won’t have to make any special adjustments unless you need to schedule a vacation or time away.

#3. A Wi-Fi Connection is Required

To take advantage of the benefits of a smart thermostat, you will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

#4. A Mobile App is Needed for Smartphone Control

Having the thermostat installed isn’t the only part of the process, a new smart thermostat requires the installation of an app on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Every smart thermostat is paired with a mobile app from the manufacturer that provides complete remote access.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, installing and connecting an app to your mobile device is usually simple, provided your device has a compatible operating system.

#5. Looks are Important

Most of today’s smart thermostats are stylish and designed to complement your home’s decor. If you are opting for a thermostat with a “learning” feature, remember that they work by sensing motion. Make sure you are willing to display the thermostat in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic.

#6. Call a Professional Electrician for Installation

Unless you know a lot about wiring, make sure to call an electrician to install your smart thermostat. Why? Well, unlike older thermostats, smart thermostats often require a C-wire that powers Wi-Fi communication and touch screens. Many newer homes are built with a C-wire, but some older homes aren’t.

In those cases, you should call an electrician from Super Heat & Air to install your smart thermostat.

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Go Smart with Super Heat & Air

If you want to save on energy costs, have remote control of your HVAC system, and have greater convenience, a smart thermostat can be a great investment!

Call our team at Super Heat & Air for an installation quote today at (813) 279-8213 !

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