5 Signs Your AC May Need to be Repaired

Let’s face it, your AC never breaks down at a convenient time. Often it’s on an extremely hot Tampa day that pushes an old or faulty AC system to break down. Don’t suffer in the heat! The best way to avoid a breakdown is to make sure that your HVAC system is well maintained. Super Heat & Air provides regular maintenance service to prevent problems and breakdowns with your AC system.

There are also often several signs to look out for that might be letting you know that there might be an issue with your AC system. If you see any of the following warning signs, your air conditioner may need a repair:

Warm Air

If you feel warm air blowing out of the vents in your home, the first thing to do is to check the thermostat. Make sure that it is switched to “cooling” mode, and set it lower than the current temperature in your home. If your vents are still blowing warm air, restricted airflow, or an issue with a compressor may be to blame.

At Super Heat & Air, we recommend leaving your HVAC repairs and maintenance to the pros rather than attempting to fix something yourself. After all, your HVAC system is complex and requires careful calibration!

Insufficient Airflow

Poor airflow is one of the most common signs that your AC isn’t working efficiently and that there might be a blockage preventing air from moving throughout your home’s ductwork. While it could be a serious problem, a clogged air filter or a broken motor could be to blame.

High Humidity

During the spring and summer, we all know that you can expect humidity outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that you want this humidity inside your house! Your AC system automatically adjusts humidity levels in your home, but if it can’t keep moisture levels within a comfortable range, you probably need an AC repair. Super Heat & Air can diagnose the issue quickly and let you know whether your AC needs a simple re-calibration, or if you might need to consider a whole-house dehumidifier instead.

Frequent Cycles

No matter what the weather is, your air conditioner should go through routine cooling cycles. While your system will turn on more often during the hottest days of summer, it shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly. If you notice frequent cycles, contact Super Heat & Air’s cooling experts for an air conditioner tune-up. But be aware, an issue like this might also be a signal that you need to install a new air conditioner as well.

Bad Odors

If you smell any unpleasant odors coming from your HVAC system, you’ll want to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Musty smells could be a sign of mold either in the AC unit or the ductwork. A quick diagnostic visit from Super Heat & Air can tell you if you need a tune-up, cleaning, and maintenance, or a more high-tech solution. Duct cleaning services can address odors that might have accumulated in the ductwork, and also remove allergens from the air.

Bonus: Weird Noises

Most air conditioners make low-level noise as they cycle on and off. But if you hear loud, or unusual noises, this could signal a BIG problem with your air conditioning system. Rattling or buzzing could indicate a loose part, while whistling or grinding could be a signal of a more serious issue. Noises like these won’t just go away on their own, so a tune-up by a professional is essential.

Tampa Bay Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair

Keep your family cool and comfortable all season long and avoid breakdowns and repairs with Super Heat & Air! We provide 24 hour AC repair services in the Greater Tampa Bay area, and maintenance services to prevent high energy costs and future expensive AC repairs. Experiencing any of the above issues with your AC? Don’t hesitate! Give Super Heat & Air a call today! (813) 981-7631