24 Hour AC Service is No Joke

AC Power Any Hour
Air conditioners can break down any day at any time, with or without warning. So pop quiz hotshot: What do you do if your air conditioner or heater stops working during a hot or cold day or night? … What do you do? You call Super Heat & Air for 24-hour AC service; that’s what you do!
Seriously, our AC technicians work day and night. That includes weekends and holidays around the clock! We’re not kidding. Our technicians have stories about fixing air conditioning and heating systems at 3 am on a weekend! 
Emergency 24-hour a-day, 7 days a week air conditioning service is no joke to us!
You’ve seen our goofy #FridayFun hashtagged Facebook posts wishing you a nice weekend (and if you haven’t, follow us on Facebook). Yes, some of our staff members get the weekends off (including the guy writing this post). But we have on-call staff working every weekend and holidays after office hours, including hardworking and dedicated (and yes, well paid) AC techs ready to tackle your air conditioning or heating emergency!
Super Heat & Air doesn’t offer 24 hour AC service because we need the money (although money helps keep us in business, wink-wink). We do it because we’ve worked hard to build our outstanding reputation as a friendly, dedicated and reliable air conditioning service. Part of our hard work and dedication includes ensuring that nobody has to suffer through a hot day or night for too long:

“We needed something looked at and repaired for our AC and we needed to get things repaired in a hurry and they sent someone right away! And they gave us the best price in the area, the technician was efficient, polite and very helpful! We would definitely use again and recommend them to a friend!” 

Even Super Heat & Air company owner Denis Nuhic has been known to put on his tool belt and go fix an air conditioning or heating problem at all hours of the day.
Denis owns the company, so he doesn’t need to go out there and fix 24 hour AC problems. But he does it anyway because he’s passionate about this business. He’s protective of the reputation his company has built and only hires AC technicians that are as passionate about air conditioning as he is!

“Denis is an outstanding guy. I contacted him about my air being broke & he was at my house within an hour. Not even 20 minutes later the air was fixed! Such amazing service.. Can’t thank you guys enough!! I’ll be sending people your way!”

Video: “Denis Nuhic: A Hands-On Air Conditioning Company Owner”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: in Greater Tampa Bay, air conditioning is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! Super Heat & Air services the entire Greater Tampa Bay area. That’s a very extensive area by the way. And even if you live in the outskirts of Greater Tampa Bay, if we can make it out to your home or business, we’ll go the extra mile (or two, or twelve) to take care of your emergency!
Super Heat & Air is a fun company. But we don’t joke around when it comes to superior AC and heating service. So if you’ve read this far and want to put Super Heat & Air’s 24 hour AC service to the test, call us anytime!

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